UK: Cameron leaves prime minister job as May takes over

Cameron, whose bid to keep Britain in the EU failed, tenders his resignation to make way for UK's second female PM.

United Kingdom

Theresa May set to replace David Cameron as British PM

After weeks of turmoil and party infighting, Theresa May becomes new British prime minister.


What will happen after Brexit?

Now that millions of Britons have decided to leave the European Union, we explore what comes next.

United Kingdom

Britain votes to leave EU

PM David Cameron to resign after UK votes to leave the EU in referendum that could seal the fate of the union.


Brexit: The UK's rage against dying of colonial light

The EU referendum - a vote that affects the whole of the UK - has been a peculiarly English affair.

by Peter Geoghegan


Cameron stands by his criticism of Trump over Muslims

British PM refuses to retract his comment against US presidential candidate's plan to ban all Muslims from entering.


Cameron puts 'fantastically corrupt' row behind him

UK PM praises Nigerian and Afghan leaders in parliament speech after embarrassment caused by his remarks caught on tape.


Nigeria plays down Cameron corruption remarks

President Buhari wants return of stolen assets, not apology, from UK PM for calling his country "fantastically corrupt".

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: UK's Cameron fights back in parliament

David Cameron lashes out at 'deeply hurtful' allegations made against his father after the Panama Papers leak.


UK's Cameron publishes tax details as pressure grows

Prime Minister David Cameron releases details of income tax payments after Mossack Fonseca revelation.

Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Protesters demand Cameron's resignation

David Cameron's "mishandled" efforts to disclose interests in offshore trust triggers demonstration at party event.

Panama Papers

Argentina's Macri denies hiding assets offshore

Federal prosecutor calls for an investigation after leaked documents show the president had links with offshore company.

Panama Papers

Cameron admits profiting from offshore fund

British PM says he sold stake in his late father's offshore investment fund four months before taking office in 2010.


Syria's children: Lost and missing across Europe

When you view refugee children purely as a problem to solve, something has gone wrong with your thinking.

by Rachel Shabi


Could David Cameron break Britain?

If Brexit goes ahead, he could well end up as the man who broke Britain.

by Alastair Sloan