United States

Trump denies new allegations of sexual misconduct

Republican presidential candidate dismisses accusations of groping and kissing by two women, branding them a media plot.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump to black voters: What do you have to lose?

Promises made by Republican presidential nominee to lift black people from poverty criticised as racist and ignorant.


Welcome to the Trump show

Whichever way the political pendulum swings in the US, the rest of the world will be reduced to absorbed bystanders.

by Andrew Mitrovica

US Elections 2016

Clashes as US flag burned at Republican convention

Violence breaks out as Revolutionary Communists set fire to an American flag at the Republican convention in Cleveland.

US Elections 2016

Donald Trump seals Republican nomination

Billionaire businessman officially clinches party nomination for US presidency after months of acrimonious campaigning.

Reporter's Notebook

Young Republicans tepid about Trump

Enthusiasm for Trump presidency is low among some young Republicans at national convention.


The US election is about the past

This election is about holding those responsible for the thousands of dead in Iraq and the bankruptcy of the country.

by Mark Perry

Reporter's Notebook

Insults, mudslinging sink Republican race to new lows

Mean tweets, insulting pictures and tabloid stories dominate Donald Trump and Ted Cruz's campaigning yet again.


Trump warns of riots if not nominated by Republicans

Presidential frontrunner Trump says there will likely be a violent backlash if Republican party blocks his nomination.

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A more measured and controlled Trump on show in debate

Latest Republican debate less raucous than previous ones as candidates worry rowdy arguments hurting party's image.


Politics of disillusionment and the rise of Trump

We need to find a means of revitalising the democratic process.

by Kenan Malik

The Listening Post

The Donald Trump show

We look at the love-love relationship between the presidential hopeful and the media; plus, Germany's refugee story.

US Elections 2016

Republicans slam Donald Trump at Michigan debate

Frontrunner grilled by Republican rivals during Detroit debate, after being attacked by former candidate Mitt Romney.


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton score big primary wins

Democrat Clinton and Republican Trump win most states in the biggest day in the race for the presidential nomination.

Reporter's Notebook

Super Tuesday: What's behind the rise of Donald Trump?

The billionaire businessman is on course to becoming the Republican party's candidate for the US presidential election.