Ex-CIA director: Trump a recruiting sergeant for ISIL

Michael Hayden also believes Hillary Clinton's emails may have been hacked.


NSA ends bulk collection of US phone records

Agency to begin more narrowly focused surveillance programme after stopping mass collection of data midnight on Sunday.


Web extra: Edward Snowden, the US, Taliban and China

A look at the NSA surveillance of Chinese and Taliban communications.


Headliner: Edward Snowden and Daniel Ellsberg

Are the two famous whistleblowers heroes?


Edward Snowden speaks to Mehdi Hasan

We also look at the narrative regarding refugees, and ask an Iraqi ambassador if it is time to consider a partition.


What's a little spying between friends?

While other US allies reacted angrily, Japan's response to WikiLeaks' NSA espionage allegations was muted.

Edward Snowden

Meet Thomas Drake

The NSA Whistleblower Before Snowden


WikiLeaks: US spied on three French presidents

Leaked documents purport to show that NSA wiretapped current leader Francois Hollande as well as two former presidents.

The Listening Post

Behind the Sunday Times Snowden saga

Anonymous official sources go after Edward Snowden in the UK's media; plus, 30 years of covering Cuba from Miami.

The Listening Post

Whistleblowers 'should be thanked'

Daniel Ellsberg, the first whistleblower prosecuted in US history, discusses Snowden, Chelsea Manning and espionage.


Obama signs bill reshaping NSA phone records programme

US president signs legislation reviving and reshaping surveillance laws that expired temporarily on Sunday night.


Spying, lying, and the end of the US Patriot Act

Controversial mass surveillance law ends, but it remains to be seen if Americans' digital privacy will return.

The Listening Post

The future of mass surveillance

One of the most controversial sections of the US Patriot Act governing mass surveillance is set to expire.


Controversial US monitoring powers expire

Spy agencies can no longer collect Americans' phone records and other data after Senate fails to extend their authority.

Human Rights

Al Jazeera's A. Zaidan: I am a journalist not terrorist

Al Jazeera's Islamabad bureau chief Ahmad Zaidan says the accusations against him are a threat to journalism as a whole.

by Ahmad Zaidan