How far-right populism is challenging the EU

We examine the history of the European Union and ask if it can withstand the challenges posed by populism.


EU leaders mark 60th anniversary of Rome treaty

Leaders renew Rome treaty vows as they mark the 60th anniversary of EU's founding pact in the Italian capital.


Charities: Refuge in Europe now 'mission impossible'

Deal to prevent human flow make it very hard to seek refuge in EU and mental issues on rise among refugees, NGOs say.


How does the EU hijab ruling affect Muslim women?

Muslim women from four different European countries share their views on the European Court of Justice's ruling.


Hijab at work: EU court is authorising discrimination

The latest ECJ ruling limits religious people - especially Muslim women - to being behind the scenes in the workplace.

by Shelina Janmohamed


Brexit: What is Article 50?

It will begin the process of the UK leaving the EU, but what exactly is Article 50?


Muslims decry EU court ruling banning religious symbols

Hijab targeted as court rules workplace bans on political and religious symbols are not discriminatory.


Banning hijabs in the EU's workplace

The European Court of Justice has ruled that employers may, under certain circumstances, ban religious clothing.

Human Rights

Sexual harassment in the workplace: Part II

Workers share strategies on reporting and prevention.


Tusk wins second term as EU chief despite Polish fury

European Union leaders re-elect Donald Tusk as president despite opposition from his native Poland.


Hungary passes bill to detain all asylum seekers

UN refugee agency says automatic detention measure violates the country’s obligations under international law.


Why the French elections will change the face of Europe

The result of the upcoming French election will either force the EU to take a giant step backwards or rejuvenate it.

by Remi Piet


Marine Le Pen's immunity lifted by European Parliament

French far-right leader Marine Le Pen loses her EU immunity after tweeting images of ISIL brutality.


For Europe, questions remain as to US foreign policy

It's an uphill battle for the Trump administration to convince the EU that the US will not abandon its Western allies.

by Martin Reardon


Elections in France: It's all about security

Homeland security is the main talking point for all candidates hoping to become the next French president in May.

by Anne Giudicelli