US Elections 2016

US Democrats: FBI chief may have broken the law

Politicians slam FBI director James Comey as Clinton's lead over Trump narrows following new email investigation.

Fault Lines

Crypto Wars: Behind the Encryption Debate

Fault Lines investigates the debate over encryption and what's at stake when the US government goes after private data.

Counting the Cost

Apple versus the FBI

Ross Schulman from the Open Technology Institute discusses the FBI's encryption battle with Apple.

Counting the Cost

Why are people paying banks to hold their money?

We look at negative interest rates and examine why depositors would pay banks to hold their money.


After 41 days, Oregon reserve standoff declared over

Occupation of wildlife refuge that began in early January comes to an end after arrest of four remaining occupiers.


FBI: No evidence that Maldives explosion was a bomb

US finds no proof explosion on President Gayoom's boat was caused by explosive device after vice president arrested.

Fault Lines

Under The Microscope: The FBI Hair Cases

Fault Lines investigates the legacy of flawed forensics at the FBI and how it continues to affect many lives today.

United States

Was Usaama Rahim entrapped by the FBI?

The question of FBI entrapment of young Muslims.

by Erik Love

Science & Technology

FBI says plane hacker a threat to public safety

Did a well-known computer security researcher endanger public safety by hacking into aircraft control systems?


FBI arrests Ohio man over Capitol bomb plot

Alleged ISIL supporter arrested over plot to attack the US capitol building and kill government officials.

The System

Flawed Forensics

Two men get a second chance to prove their innocence after the unveiling of a faulty forensic analysis 20 years ago.


Al Jazeera Investigates - Informants

Al Jazeera's takes you inside the shadowy world of FBI informants and counterterrorism sting operations.


US Secret Service is broken: How can we fix it?

The problems plaguing the US Secret Service are not recent and they won't be fixed overnight.

by Martin Reardon


FBI investigates mass hacking of US banks

Attacks on JP Morgan and others "beyond capability of ordinary hackers", with suggestions of Russian involvement.