Singapore confirms 41 locally transmitted Zika cases

Singapore expects more cases to be identified as dozens of people, mostly foreign construction workers, test positive.


Zika virus: US widens travel warning in Florida's Miami

Pregnant women told to avoid tourist area as Florida confirms five new cases of virus spread primarily via mosquitoes.

United States

US declares emergency in Puerto Rico over Zika outbreak

Move following report of 1,914 new cases in the past week will allow territory access to federal funds and personnel.


Rio 2016: Olympians get creative combating Zika

Uniforms that cover athletes from neck to toe and Zika-free condoms among methods used in Rio.


Zika virus: Miami neighbourhood issued travel warning

Pregnant women advised to avoid busy district as barrier protection during sex is urged to limit risk of transmission.

United States

Zika virus: First sign of local transmission in Florida

Florida yet to invite dedicated team to probe outbreak of virus which appears to pose greatest risk to pregnant women.


What is the Zika virus?

Thousands of people in Central and South America and the Caribbean are infected with the Zika virus.

Zika virus

Zika virus: WHO rejects call to move Rio Olympics

Public health agency says cancelling or moving the Olympic Games will "not significantly alter the spread of the virus".

Zika virus

US officials confirm Zika causes severe birth defects

After WHO's comments, CDC experts now say there is no doubt the virus causes microcephaly and other serious defects.

Zika virus

Living with Zika in Brazil

Microcephaly epidemic highlights the inequality experienced by low income communities and women.


Sexual transmission of Zika 'more common than thought'

Statement by WHO comes amid "increasing evidence" virus to blame for surge in birth defects and neurological problems.


US and Brazil scientists team up for Zika fight

Americans are working with local officials in Paraiba to find possible link between virus and microcephaly in babies.


Study shows Zika might cause Guillain-Barré syndrome

Researchers say evidence links Zika virus to spike in cases of severe neurological disorder characterised by paralysis.

Zika virus

Zika 'may have been sexually-transmitted' in 14 cases

Health officials investigating possible sexual transmission of 14 new cases of disease usually spread by mosquitoes.


Zika virus in Texas: A sex education problem?

Abstinence-only curriculum in some Texas schools may be challenged in wake of new sexually transmitted Zika virus cases.