Women's Rights

Gunmen kill five female airport workers in Afghanistan

Women who searched female passengers had received death threats from those who disapproved of them having careers.


Colombia: Botched plastic surgeries and misogyny

Colombian women, victims of unsafe plastic surgeries, struggle to find justice and understanding in a sexist society.

by Catalina Ruiz-Navarro

Women's Rights

Influential Saudi prince: 'Time for women to drive'

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal is an unusually forthright member of the Saudi royal family and an advocate of women's rights.

Women's Rights

Survey: 27% of Europeans say rape sometimes acceptable

One in four people living in the EU say rape may be justified "under certain circumstances", according to a new report.

Poverty & Development

Dangerously cheap: Kenya's illegal abortions

An upcoming battle in Kenyan courts could determine future access to safe, legal abortions for women there.


Turkey: Furious debate over child marriage proposal

Critics accuse proposal of "encouraging child rape" but officials say it will protect those too young to marry legally.

US Elections 2016

US voters pay respects to suffrage icon

After casting their ballots, voters head to New York cemetery in order to pay respects to Susan B. Anthony.

Human Rights

Why Al Jazeera purchased rape videos in India

When Al Jazeera learned that videos of women and girls being raped were on sale in India, we had to decide how to investigate and tell such a sensitive story.


A dark trade: Rape videos for sale in India

In kiosks in Uttar Pradesh, videos of what appear to be rapes from around the country are sold for less than $3.

Human Rights

WEF: Gender wage gap will not close for 170 years

Revising 2015's estimate of 118 years, the World Economic Forum says progress in gender wage equality has decelerated.

Arts & Culture

Indian mosque to lift restriction on women visitors

Haji Ali Dargah trust tells court it will allow women to enter inner sanctum of 15th century mausoleum near Mumbai.

Human Rights

Combating domestic violence in Iraq's Kurdish region

Faced with tough choices and social pressures, some women in the region are paying the ultimate price.

Human Rights

Educating girls in South Sudan

Meet the girls who must overcome conflict, hunger, stigma and sexual abuse just to go to school.


DRC: Mobile courts deliver justice to remote areas

Mobile courts have brought many to justice, but some question their effectiveness in the impoverished countryside.


French judge upholds burkini ban in Corsica

Island's court defies ruling of highest administrative court suspending ban on full-body swimsuit by dozens of towns.