Orlando shooting

LGBT community raising millions for Orlando victims

Heartwarming initiatives and donations ensuring that no affected family will have to pay for funeral costs.

Human Rights

Italy legalises same-sex civil unions

Lower assembly grants parliamentary approval to legislation after years-long battle for marriage equality.


Sydney's colourful Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

Australian politicians announce plans for same-sex marriage laws as hundreds of thousands turn out for gay pride parade.


Indonesia: Same-sex symbols on messaging apps targeted

Homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia but is a sensitive issue in the Muslim-majority nation of 250 million people.


Transgender ruling in Lebanon an 'empowering' moment

Activists celebrate case allowing transgender man to change official papers and hope it will help ease discrimination.

Human Rights

India's LGBT community celebrates a small victory

Supreme Court orders re-examination of colonial-era law that criminalises homosexuals and other sexual minorities.

Human Rights

Turkish football authority to pay outed gay referee

Compensation to be paid for revoking licence and damages caused after referee's sexual identity was leaked to the press.

Human Rights

Tunisia jails six young men for sodomy three years each

Rights activists condemn three-year prison terms for students who were "denounced" by their neighbours.

Human Rights

Caning law pushes Aceh's LGBT further underground

Indonesia's most conservative province implements new Islamic Criminal Code and public floggings for same-sex relations.


Tanzania: Fighting social stigma to prevent HIV spread

Staggering AIDS death toll has forced conservative Tanzania to help gay people long rejected by its health system.

Pope Francis

Pope Francis met with gay couple during US visit

Vatican announcement seeks to tamp down controversy about separate meeting with US gay marriage opponent Kim Davis.


Russia's LGBT victimised by 'gay propaganda' law

Legislation targeting 'non-traditional sexual relations' seen as yet another attempt to smother civil society.


Bangladesh gets first lesbian comic strip

"Dhee" comic, featuring young lesbian discovering her sexuality, has been launched to raise awareness of plight of gays.


ISIL attacks on sexual minorities on UN meeting agenda

UN Security Council to hold landmark meeting on LGBT rights for minority members living in ISIL-controlled areas.

Human Rights

US court backs gay couple in wedding cake dispute

Colorado court rules baker cannot cite religious beliefs as grounds for refusing to make same-sex couple's wedding cake.