Donald Trump

Arms in the US: National concealed carry reciprocity

If passed, the law would force every town to honour gun laws of the most permissive states for people from those states.

What is national concealed carry reciprocity?


Wife of slain Indian questioned immigrant safety in US

Indians demand protection after US gunman shoots dead one and wounds another as FBI investigates possible hate crime.

United States

White House: Too early to guess motive of Kansas attack

Spokesperson plays down concern shooting of Indian engineer was inspired by President Trump's stance on immigrants.

White House reacts to killing of Srinivas Kuchibhotla


Killing of Indian man in US a hate crime: witnesses

Witnesses say attacker who opened fire on three men in a packed Kansas bar yelled 'get out of my country'.

Srinivas Kuchibhotla: US murder possible hate crime

Gun violence

Protests after US police officer drags teen, fires gun

LAPD says it is reviewing videos after off-duty officer fires gun during confrontation with unarmed youths in Anaheim.

Protests after Anaheim policeman drags teen, fires gun

US & Canada

Florida airport gunman faces 'possible death penalty'

Federal prosecutors charge Esteban Santiago with firearms offences and carrying out an act of violence at an airport.

Florida airport gunman faces 'possible death penalty'

Gun violence

US army veteran arrested over deadly airport shooting

Esteban Santiago, who served in Iraq and was discharged last year, identified as Fort Lauderdale gunman who killed five.

Latin America Investigates

Mexico: Land of Impunity

Investigating an apparent culture of impunity that allows some in Mexican law enforcement to detain and kill at will.

United States

Several wounded in Ohio State University attack

Attacker shot dead while eight people taken to hospitals with stab wounds and being struck by a car.

United States

Active shooter alert on US university campus

University's website and Twitter account tell students to "run hide fight" as seven people are taken to hospital.

Active shooter reported on Ohio State University campus

Gun violence

One dead, nine wounded in New Orleans shooting

Two arrested after late-night shooting in French Quarter where thousands had gathered for an American football game.

One dead, nine wounded in New Orleans shooting

Gun control

Gun sales on the rise in anticipation of a Clinton win

Gun sellers report increasing sales as voters prepare for possibility of president who backs firearms restrictions.

Gun sales on the rise in anticipation of a Clinton win


Stray Bullets: Guns in the Philippines

As the new Philippines government takes an uncompromising line on crime, will it finally end rampant gun violence?


Documenting America's white nationalists

A photographer followed members of the National Socialist Movement for a year, until her project came to a dramatic end.

A look into America's NSM neo-Nazis

Fault Lines

The Taser Cases

As US police increase the use of tasers, we find out how the "less lethal" weapons have been linked to injury and death.