Gun control

Gun sales on the rise in anticipation of a Clinton win

Gun sellers report increasing sales as voters prepare for possibility of president who backs firearms restrictions.


Indian police kill 'unarmed' escaped prisoners

Eight men, suspected of being members of a banned group, shot dead after resisting efforts to return them to jail.


Stray Bullets: Guns in the Philippines

As the new Philippines government takes an uncompromising line on crime, will it finally end rampant gun violence?

Gun control

What's in a student's backpack? In Texas, maybe a gun

Critics worry that new "campus carry" law will cause self-censorship and put students and faculty at risk.


Munich shooter 'planned attack for year'

Investigators say he likely chose victims at random and are trying to determine how he circumvented strict gun laws.

United States

Orlando shooter complained of anti-Muslim taunts

In a letter, Omar Mateen said his co-workers taunted him for being Muslim and called him a "potential threat".

US & Canada

US Republicans move to thwart Democrat sit-in on guns

Republican leaders move to shut down 12-hour House floor sit-in by Democrats demanding vote on gun safety legislation.


US Democrats protest House rejection of gun laws

Democrats are refusing to leave the floor of the House of Representatives until gun control legislation is debated.


Gun control in the US is not a fantasy

The gun lobby in the country will lose the debate over guns - but not just yet.

by Mark Perry

Orlando shooting

After Orlando, US Senate rejects gun control measures

Senate rejects measures by Republicans and Democrats to stem gun violence after worst shooting in modern US history.

US & Canada

Obama says easy access to weapons ‘unconscionable’

US president's appeal comes less than a week after mass shooting in Orlando gay nightclub that left 49 people dead.

US & Canada

Obama pushes for gun control during Orlando visit

US Congress urged to make it harder for people to buy weapons like the one used in Sunday's killings in Florida gay bar.

US & Canada

US Democrats end gun control filibuster after 15 hours

Senator Chris Murphy says marathon filibuster ended after Republicans agreed on background checks and watch lists vote.

Orlando shooting

Orlando gunman's wife could be charged: reports

Noor Salman, Omar Mateen's wife, had "some knowledge" of husband's plan to carry out massacre at gay club, reports say.

Gun control

Deadly shootings in US

A snapshot of the deadliest mass shootings in recent years in the US.