Case filed against US for drone strike on Taliban chief

Mohammad Azam's family says they are seeking justice after the father of four was killed along with Taliban leader.

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Drone: Inside the CIA's Secret Drone War

From drone operators to strike victims, we examine the impact of remote-controlled killing and the future of warfare.

Drone strikes

Families of Afghans killed in US drone raids seek probe

Relatives and tribal elders deny US and Afghan officials' claims the air strikes hit Taliban-associated fighters.


US air strike targets senior al-Shabab leader

Pentagon assessing results after targeting Hassan Ali Dhoore on Thursday in a drone strike in southern Somalia.

Drone strikes

Pakistan Taliban commander allegedly killed by drones

Khan Said Sajna, leader of a breakaway Taliban faction, reportedly killed in multiple drone strikes in Afghanistan.

Drone strikes

US 'confident' air strike killed 'Jihadi John'

Pentagon says it carried out attack in Syria to kill British ISIL fighter made infamous by hostage-beheading videos.

War & Conflict

US sued by family of Yemeni drone strike victims

Faisal bin Ali Jaber says he and his family want the "US government to admit their error and say sorry".


Pakistan drops case against former CIA station chief

Jonathan Bank and agency's former acting general counsel were charged in relation to a deadly drone strike in 2009.

War & Conflict

Obama regrets deaths of two hostages in US drone strike

American and Italian hostages accidentally killed in January strike targeting al-Qaeda base on Afghan-Pakistan border.

War & Conflict

Pakistani fighters reportedly killed in Afghanistan

Intelligence officials say US drone strike left nine dead in Nangarhar, adjoining site of fighting across the border.

Science & Technology

Journalists questioned for flying drone in Paris

Three Al Jazeera staff briefly detained while trying to illustrate report on recent sightings and security concerns.

War & Conflict

Somalia: US drone strike killed top Al-Shabab figure

Somali government welcomes death of Abdi Nur Mahdi, the group's chief of external operations for intelligence.

Middle East

US drone strikes resume in Yemen despite power vacuum

Yemen's government falls, US strikes continue but with whose approval?


Drones have forever changed us

Right to pursue prey wherever it may be transforms the way we understand international relations.

by Neve Gordon

Drone strikes

Drone strikes reported in northwest Pakistan

Pakistani intelligence officials say US conducted strikes in remote North Waziristan region, killing seven fighters.