EU Parliament concerned over Hungary rule of law

Resolution urges inquiry into the state of democracy and the 'serious deterioration' in Hungary's human rights.

101 East

Aung San Suu Kyi's Myanmar

One year since the government of Aung San Suu Kyi took power, we explore why high hopes for Myanmar have been dashed.


Congo: A dictator's dilemma

Why has Joseph Kabila chosen to cling to power in Congo?

Vava Tampa

by Vava Tampa

Vava Tampa

Special series

Wukan: China's Democracy Experiment

A six-part series on Wukan, the Chinese fishing village which in 2012 held its first democratic elections in decades.

People & Power

Hong Kong's Localist Revolutionaries

Why a new group of radical activists in Hong Kong are calling for greater autonomy - and even independence - from China.


The Palestinian leadership that doesn't represent us

The extension of Mahmoud Abbas' rule following Fatah's latest congress hinders Palestinian democracy.

Diana Buttu

by Diana Buttu

Diana Buttu


Reality Check: Yes, Islam is compatible with democracy

Mehdi Hasan debunks the myth that Muslims have a problem with democracy.

Middle East

On the Arab world's republics of fear

Is the Arab world back to square one after all the sacrifices it has made since 2011?

The Arab world needs a new social contract

Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s self-determination is 'core of my job': Law

Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a 23-year-old pro-independence candidate has just been elected to Hong Kong's legislature.

Q&A with Hong Kong's youngest legislator Nathan Law


Hong Kong's Rooftop Rebels

Three friends sneak up the city's towering skyscrapers in an act of rebellion against the establishment.

Head to Head

Kenya: Democracy on trial?

Former Prime Minister Odinga on Kenya's "tribal" democracy, political violence, corruption and the rise of al-Shabab.


What US elections should look like in a real democracy

Real change can only ever come from popular mass movements.

Susan Abulhawa

by Susan Abulhawa

Susan Abulhawa


Greece and the swansong of the nation-state

Greece finds itself in the role of a Sisyphean cautionary tale, preserved within the EU in a zombie limbo.

Iason Athanasiadis

by Iason Athanasiadis

Iason Athanasiadis

101 East

Rodrigo Duterte: Guns, Goons and the Presidency

Using gun power, he cleaned up his violent city. Now he wants the Filipino presidency. We join his wild ride to the top.


Is Bangladesh moving towards a one-party state?

We ask Shahriar Alam, the country's state minister for foreign affairs, about the future of democracy in Bangladesh.