Two billion children breathing toxic air, says UNICEF

In new report, UN agency says 600,000 children under the age five die each year of diseases linked to air pollution.

Human Rights

Animation: What is Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

FGM, or cutting, is the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia. Watch the explainer animation.

Human Rights

Educating girls in South Sudan

Meet the girls who must overcome conflict, hunger, stigma and sexual abuse just to go to school.

Poverty & Development

India: The children left behind by an ancient custom

How a centuries-old custom that allows men to pay to live with women is resulting in children being abandoned.


Kinshasa's street children tell their stories on radio

Street children in the DR Congo capital make their voices heard through a stigma-busting community radio initiative.


Egypt 'investigated' Giulio Regeni before his murder

Egyptian police investigated Italian PhD student Giulio Regeni before his brutal murder, according to prosecutors.

Human Rights

Rights group: Nepal failing to stop child marriage

In a new report, Human Rights Watch criticised the government for failing to follow through with promises of reform.

Human Rights

Europe: 75 arrests in major probe of online child abuse

Operation results in 207 criminal cases against suspected web distributors of child sexual abuse images in 28 countries.

Human Rights

Unaccompanied minors risk all to reach US

New UNICEF report indicates most of the unaccompanied minors apprehended do not have access to legal representation.


Reintegrating child soldiers in Burundi

Can children forced to fight be reintegrated back into their families and communities?


India adopts controversial child labour bill

Measure to allow children to work in family businesses while shortening the list of banned jobs for children.

Human Rights

Tales of a child bride: 'My father sold me for 12 cows'

When she was 12, Grace was abducted and then raped and beaten every day for 11 months.


Malaysia's invisible children

Undocumented and marginalised, the children of migrants face arrest, detention and possible death in Malaysia's Sabah.

Child rights

UNICEF: Early deaths await 69 million children by 2030

Angola tops the list worldwide with 157 of 1,000 children under age five dying annually from "preventable causes".

Inside Story

Who's responsible for child slavery?

This year's World Day Against Child Labour is focusing on children working in supply chains.