Merkel: 'Islam is not the source of terrorism'

Both Merkel and US Vice President Mike Pence attend key security conference in Munich with Russia high on the agenda.

United States

Why are some black Africans considered white Americans?

Sudanese Americans do not fit neatly into the existing racial classifications of the American society.

by Hind Makki


Swiss back new citizenship rules in blow to far-right

Voters decide to make it easier for third-generation immigrants to become citizens, according to official results.


Swiss vote on citizenship after anti-Muslim campaign

Vote decides whether to make it easier for third-generation immigrants to become citizens amid anti-Islam campaign.

US & Canada

One person's criminal may be another's terrorist

Alexandre Bissonnette was not charged with terrorism although his attack in Quebec has all the elements of a terror act.

by Faisal Kutty

Muslim Ban

The US Muslim ban and the story of my Iraqi father

In the 1950s political turmoil interrupted my father's life, just like the Muslim ban has now done to many other lives.

by Huda Al-Marashi


Israel: An inspiration for Trump

Israel has set a great example of racist bans and walls for Trump to follow.

by Yasmeen El Khoudary

Muslim Ban

All international laws Trump's Muslim ban is breaking

Trump's Muslim ban flies in the face of international law and treaties the US has ratified.

by Jamil Dakwar


Quebec mosque shooting: Beyond the official rhetoric

What lies beyond the official welcoming rhetoric directed at Muslim communities in Canada?

by Kenza Oumlil

US & Canada

Why the Quebec mosque shooting happened

Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hate crimes have been on the rise in Quebec and Canada as a whole for years.

by Safiah Chowdhury

US & Canada

No 'terrorism' charges for Quebec mosque attack suspect

Suspect known for far-right views faces several counts of murder but is not charged with any terrorism-related offences.


In Quebec, calls for unity amid rising Islamophobia

In the wake of a deadly shooting at a Quebec mosque, we ask if Islamophobia and racism has been on the rise there.


Social media tributes pour in after 'attack on Muslims'

Social media users express solidarity after attack on a Quebec City mosque leaves six Muslims dead and eight wounded.


Suspect held in Quebec mosque attack that killed six

Canadian police detain one man as Muslim leaders call for greater protection of their community after shooting attack.


Iraqi MPs call for reciprocal ban on US citizens

Members of parliament call on government to reply in kind to President Donald Trump's ban on Iraqis entering the US.