United States

Trump backers ask courts to halt or stop recounts

Legal actions seek to block or halt recounts requested by Green Party candidate in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

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Trump to nominate 'Mad Dog' Mattis to head Pentagon

US president-elect says he will appoint a retired general renowned for his tough talk as defense secretary.

US Elections 2016

Wisconsin starts US presidential election recount

Recount requested by Green Party candidate Stein in state where Trump beat Clinton by less than one percentage point.

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Are the US media addicted to election polls?

So much election coverage revolves around polls – who's up? Who's down? A look at the media's love affair with polls.

The Listening Post

Do Americans have trust issues with their media?

Richard Gizbert asks why so many Americans follow media they say they don't trust.

US Elections 2016

Why Chomsky and Zizek are wrong on the US elections

Chomsky and Zizek clashed on voting in the US elections, but the views of both are critically flawed.

by Hamid Dabashi

Donald Trump

Romney, potential US secretary of state, praises Trump

Mitt Romney, who once called Trump a "phony", now believes president-elect can lead country to a "better future".


Donald Trump threatens US flag-burners with jail time

Tweet posted by US president-elect suggests a year prison sentence or loss of citizenship for burning the American flag.


Welcome to my world, America

Is Trump 'Israelising' America by stirring up fears of Muslims? Marwan Bishara explains.


What makes Trump attractive to so many Americans?

Marwan Bishara explains Donald Trump's attractiveness as a US presidential candidate.


How Trump became president-elect of the US

Marwan Bishara explains how Donald Trump won the US presidential race against Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump

Trump blasts Clinton for backing election recount calls

US President-elect calls Clinton's effort to force recount in three states as "sad", adding "nothing will change".

Donald Trump

Trump calls recount a 'scam' as Clinton backs effort

Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton joins Green Party's push for a recount in three pivotal US states.

US Elections 2016

Clinton team to take part in US state election recounts

Clinton campaign to join in on vote recount effort, but says it does not see any "actionable evidence" for doing so.

US Elections 2016

Wisconsin to recount votes in US presidential race

State board accepts request of Green Party's Jill Stein as part of her push for recounts in three battleground states.