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Russia vows 'reprisals' over US sanctions

Kremlin denies interfering in US elections after Washington slaps sanctions on Russia, including expelling diplomats.

The Listening Post

The Mediator: A tale of two presidents

Richard Gizbert on what led to the corporate takeover of the US media.

Donald Trump

The Trump presidency is real - now what?

Social media has changed the reporting landscape but could a return to traditional coverage result from the Trump presidency?

Donald Trump

US Electoral College vote seals Trump victory

Electors unswayed by last-ditch effort by diehard opponents to bar the Republican candidate's path to the White House.

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The CIA Russia hacking report and the media

Reporting Russia's role in the US election and how the media are treating allegations from an anonymous source as facts.

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Secrets and hacks: Russia's role in the US election

A look at how reporting Russia's role in the US election has turned political; plus, the Indian PM's monthly radio show.

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Wisconsin recount gives Donald Trump 131 more votes

Election officials reconfirm Republican candidate's win after Green Party candidate Jill Stein pushed for a recount.

Donald Trump

Trump picking Tillerson as secretary of state: reports

US media say Donald Trump to name Exxon Mobil chief Rex Tillerson, known for his close ties to Russia, as top diplomat.

US Elections 2016

The Electoral College: Is the popular vote powerless?

As electors prepare to cast their ballots, The Stream examines the relevance of the Electoral College in the US.

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Trump team rejects Obama's 'Russian hacking' probe

US president's order for full-scale review of alleged campaign-season cyberattacks elicits sharp criticism of CIA.

Donald Trump

The prospect of the US as a 'banana republic'

Or how the 'banana republic' came back to bite those who invented it.

by Hamid Dabashi

Cyber Security

The Kremlin and the US election

Ambiguity surrounds the Russian intervention with the 2016 US elections and the measures taken to prevent it.

by Joseph S Nye

US Elections 2016

Fake news stories led man to shoot inside DC pizza shop

Man fires shots inside popular DC restaurant after arriving to self-investigate the "pizzagate" conspiracy theory.

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Who's conning whom in Donald Trump's America

Voting for Trump was not voting for a con man; rather, it was a strategic action to maintain a fragile privilege.

by Mark LeVine

US Elections 2016

Green Party changes strategy in Pennsylvania recount

Green Party-backed voters who filed the case say they cannot afford the $1m bond ordered by the court.