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What's next for Uzbekistan?

President Islam Karimov died this week after suffering a stroke.


Uzbekistan buries President Islam Karimov

A large funeral was held in hometown of president, who died at the age of 78 after suffering a stroke.


Uzbekistan's Islam Karimov dead at 78

Karimov, who dominated the Central Asian most populous nation for more than 25 years, has died.


Confusion looms over death of Uzbekistan's president

Various diplomatic sources confirm death of Islam Karimov, but government only speaks of "critical condition".


Uzbekistan's Islam Karimov critically ill: government

The health of President Islam Karimov, 78, has sharply deteriorated over the last 24 hours, cabinet says.


Uzbekistan: Uncertainty after president's stroke

President Islam Karimov not seen in public since last week. Speculation of his death and possible successors abound.


Uzbek President Islam Karimov 'in intensive care'

Leader's daughter says her 78-year-old father is hospitalised after suffering a cerebral haemorrhage.


Uzbekistan: President's daughter and the Panama Papers

Legal firm's data dump implicates the inner circle of Islam Karimov's eldest daughter.


Are 'Water Wars' imminent in Central Asia?

Once a zone with perfect conditions for farming, Ferghana Valley is today under threat of desertification.


Thousands of Uzbek Muslims jailed for 'extremism'

At least 12,800 people imprisoned since 2002 on trumped charges with many facing torture, human rights group says.

War & Conflict

Analysis: The Taliban's resurgence in Afghanistan

The Taliban have been making strategic gains, as Afghan government forces face new threats, writes Dawood Azami.


Uzbekistan arrests 200 alleged ISIL 'sympathisers'

Rights group says most of those arrested since October were migrant workers returning home from abroad.


Uzbekistan: A dying sea, mafia rule, and toxic fish

The Aral Sea fell victim to Soviet designs to irrigate huge swaths of desert and now offers only a poisoned catch.

Arts & Culture

Banned Russian art squirrelled away in Uzbekistan

Russian artist Igor Savitsky salvaged thousands of extraordinary art works from Soviet-era purges.

Human Rights

Uzbekistan: 10 years after the Andijan massacre

Military crackdown reportedly killed hundreds and pushed the former Soviet client state back into Moscow's arms.