Turkmenistan launches $10bn gas pipeline to South Asia

Afghan, Pakistani and Indian leaders take part in breaking ground ceremony of 1,814km project that is due by 2019.

War & Conflict

Who owns the Caspian?

Until there is an agreement, the possibility for armed conflict in the region remains real.

by Luke Coffey


Russia's rising anti-gay hysteria

Beleaguered transgender population now faces a driving ban amid growing Kremlin-orchestrated homophobia.


'Erdogan has won this war'

Gulen supporters remain defiant despite police raids on pro-Gulen media outlets.


Pakistan PM backs Afghan talks with Taliban

Sharif meets Afghan president in Islamabad, expressing support for Kabul's effort to bring Taliban to negotiating table.


Uruguay's Mujica: New global role model?

Uruguay's 'humble' president defies imperial and corporate hegemony with a series of unorthodox policies.

by Belen Fernandez

US & Canada

How is the Ukraine crisis affecting Central Asia?

The annexation of Crimea and the ongoing conflict in East Ukraine is causing much anxiety within Central Asian states.

by Ryskeldi Satke
- Franco Galdini

US & Canada

The cost of MH370 search efforts

Why are countries spending millions of dollars in search of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane?

by Tom Burns


Timeline: India-Pakistan relations

A timeline of the rocky relationship between the two nuclear-armed South Asian neighbours.


Dodging death while playing tennis

Iraq's tennis players take huge risks as they defy threats in order to act their trade and earn their livelihood.

Asia Pacific

Italian envoy arrested for child trafficking

Italian ambassador to Turkmenistan was on holiday in the Philippines when he was arrested.


Old rivals or regional partners: Russia, Turkey and Crimea

Despite Ankara's instinctive reaction to protect Tatars in Crimea, it's reluctant to damage its relations with Moscow.

by Lamiya Adilgizi

US & Canada

The struggle for Central Asia: Russia vs China

As Russia's economy stagnates, rising China is challenging its influence over Central Asia.

by Baktybek Beshimov
- Ryskeldi Satke


Energy: Key to EU-Turkish relations?

EU member states must realise that getting Turkey to adopt EU regulations is in their strategic interest too.

by David Koranyi
- Nicolo Sartori

US & Canada

China plays for energy in new Great Game

Stalled decade-long negotiations with Russia have led China to go energy shopping around the Caspian Sea.