Serbia: Aleksandar Vucic to assume presidency amid accusations

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic is set to hand over power to Aleksandar Vucic, a former prime minister, who won a decisive election victory last month.


Serbia to relocate refugees to official centres

Migrants and refugees living in tents in the middle of the Serbian capital are to be moved to official centres around the country by the end of May.


French court refuses extradition of ex-Kosovo PM

Extradition of Kosovo's ex-PM - accused of war crimes by Serbia - blocked over fears he may not get a fair trial.

Court refuses extradition of Ramush Haradinaj to Serbia


Finding Family

An orphan's journey back to Bosnia after 20 years in search of answers and an understanding of his long lost family.


Young Serbians protest against president's election win

Government officials say rallies are work of political opponents as Crowds march in Serbia's main cities for third day.


Vucic projected to win Serbia election in a landslide

Exit poll predicts Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic will win Serbia's presidential vote in the first round.


Serbians vote to elect new president

Voters in Serbia headed to the polls to pick a new president in a key election. Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has a strong lead in the polls against a fragmented opposition - and barring a major surprise he is expected to win.


Serbians head to polls to elect new president

Populist Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic expected to clinch overwhelming victory against a fragmented opposition.


Dark and smoky shelters for refugees stranded in Serbia

Fearful of deportations at official camps, refugees in Serbia find cover in make-shift shelters.

Dark and smoky shelters for refugees stranded in Serbia


Refugees in Serbia fear deportation

Hundreds living in poor conditions refuse to go into official camps amid deportations from European countries.


On Europe's doorstep: Refugees stranded in cold

More than 6,400 refugees and migrants are stuck in Serbia due to European Union's closed borders.

Refugees stranded on Serbia-Hungary border amid winter

Human Rights

Stranded and sick, refugees endure harsh Serbian winter

Europe's border closures have left thousands of refugees in the Balkans.

Stranded and sick, refugees endure harsh Serbian winter

Talk to Al Jazeera

Tomislav Nikolic: Serbia won't align with East or West

The president discusses Serbia's non-alignment stance, why it will never recognise Kosovo, and its commitment to Russia.

Humanitarian crises

Afghan refugees stranded in Serbia

As winter approaches and policies continue to harden against them, life for refugees becomes more difficult in Europe.

Afghan refugees stranded in Serbia

The Listening Post

Serbia's censorship debate

Is the Serbian government using underhand censorship methods to control the media narrative, or are critics too harsh?