Humanitarian crises

Afghan refugees stranded in Serbia

As winter approaches and policies continue to harden against them, life for refugees becomes more difficult in Europe.

The Listening Post

Serbia's censorship debate

Is the Serbian government using underhand censorship methods to control the media narrative, or are critics too harsh?


Srebrenica elects first Bosnian Serb mayor since 1999

Results show Grujicic won most votes in city where thousands of Muslims were killed by Bosnian Serb army in the 1990s.


Bosnia's Serbs vote over disputed national holiday

Referendum, which defies ban by country's highest court, risks stoking ethnic tensions in divided Balkan country.

Human Rights

Hungary indicts camerawoman who kicked refugees

Petra Laszlo charged with disorderly conduct after she was filmed kicking and tripping refugees fleeing police.


Slobodan Milosevic is no hero

Efforts to deny indisputable atrocities are more than fading remnants of discredited regimes.

by Serge Brammertz

Humanitarian crises

Serbia PM says country not a 'parking lot' for refugees

Serbia announces intent to beef up border patrols as the number of refugees grows due to Hungary's border controls.


Pro-EU prime minister claims victory in Serbia election

Aleksandar Vucic says Serbia will continue on "European path" as his party looks set to win nearly half of votes cast.


Serbians vote in snap parliamentary poll

Election seen as de facto referendum on PM Vucic's bid to lead Balkan nation towards European Union membership.


The trials of former Bosnia war fighter Abu Hamza

Why is Abu Hamza labelled national security threat despite lack of evidence by Bosnian state authorities and media?


The Radovan Karadzic verdict will change nothing

In Bosnia, we are as far away from reconciliation as we were before the Radovan Karadzic trial.

by Nidzara Ahmetasevic

Human Rights

Refugee centres fill up as Hungary tightens borders

Asylum seekers say conditions are poor while the closures of Balkans borders exacerbate overcrowding.

Humanitarian crises

Slovenia, Croatia 'close Balkan refugee route'

Governments of Slovenia and Croatia place new restrictions on entry, effectively closing doors to refugees.


The women helping refugees in Serbia

Women in Serbia share their stories about helping refugees as many recall being displaced themselves.


Contrasting weather in Europe brings flooding to Serbia

Unusual warmth in Eastern Europe reacts with snow and ice which grips the rest of the continent.