Dying on the streets: The UK's homeless

For the country's growing number of people sleeping rough, harsh winter temperatures have added to their woes.


Wood restrictions threaten Scotland's bagpipe sales

Scotland's bagpipes makers are facing increased production costs after new restrictions on the import of African Blackwood.


Salmon eating sea-lice effect Scotland’s fish exports

Western Scotland - Whether its smoked, poached or grilled, salmon is a favourite fish for many of us. But the tasty meal's expected to become a lot more expensive.


Israel diplomat courted SNP deputy leader ahead of trip

Al Jazeera reveals how Shai Masot courted senior Scottish politician, raising questions over political interference.


Scottish parliament overwhelmingly rejects Brexit bill

In a symbolic move, Scottish politicians vote by 90 to 34 against a bill that would trigger Britain's exit from the EU.


Scots' anger as UK minister dismisses second referendum

Nationalists mull second poll on independence in response to UK parliamentary vote for Brexit but face stern opposition.


Brexit is still happening, just not the way May hoped

The recent British Supreme Court ruling will not stop Brexit but it will change how it is approached.

by Simon Usherwood


Nicola Sturgeon: The new champion of liberalism

Scotland's social democrat leader, Nicola Sturgeon, has reinvented herself as a defender of establishment liberalism.

by Jamie Maxwell


Scotland is trapped in a zombie union

In a UK wracked by Brexit uncertainty, the Scottish National Party must decide if the time is right for independence.

by Peter Geoghegan


Celtic v Hapoel Be'er Sheva: Sport and politics collide

Celtic fans in Scotland to "fly flag for Palestine" as the football team takes on the Israelis.


Can Nicola Sturgeon turn Brexit into an opportunity?

Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is bringing renewed focus to the Scottish independence debate.


Scotland 'determined' to stay in EU despite Brexit

Scottish leader says Scotland is "determined" to stay in the bloc despite Brexit vote after meeting senior EU officials.


Scottish leader threatens to veto Brexit

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says her government may use legal means to block Britain's exit from the EU


Brexit: Scotland and N Ireland reconsider ties to UK

Nationalist leaders in both Scotland and Northern Ireland ponder independence referendums following Brexit.


Brexit and the UK's geopolitical destiny

The future of the UK is tied, for better or worse, to the rest of Europe if only for reasons of proximity.

by Emmanuel Karagiannis