Romania elections broken promises

Romania's countryside people - far from the promises that came with each elections

Human Rights

'Fully naked, chained and forced to eat off the ground'

Romanian police arrest 38 for allegedly forcing dozens of victims to work under severe abusive and violent conditions.


The 'Cinemobile' bringing movies to Romanian villages

Tudor Baciu drives around the Romanian countryside with his 'Cinemobile', screening films in villages with no cinemas.

Inside Story

A new Cold War?

Russia says NATO's new European anti-missile defence system is a threat to its security.


Diluted disinfectant scandal hits Romania hospitals

Public discontent swells as pharmaceutical company found to be selling substandard products to medical facilities.


Turning darkness to light in rural Romania

With around 100,000 households not connected to the electricity grid, could solar panels provide the solution?

Arts & Culture

Inside Romania's Happy Cemetery

Where people are remembered with humour and happy goodbyes.

Arts & Culture

Romania's drama festival to rehabilitate prison inmates

A social reintegration initiative in Romania, offers inmates a chance to perform and audiences a chance to accept them.


Romania's international adoptees find their way home

International adoptees are using the internet, journalists and private detectives to find their biological families.


Romanian president nominates technocrat as new PM

If approved by parliament, ex-EU agriculture commissioner Dacian Ciolos will run the country until elections next year.


More die of injuries from Romania nightclub fire

Specialist treatment fails to save some injured in Bucharest blaze as former mayor is arrested over safety negligence.


Public discontent swells in Romania

Tens of thousands took to the streets of Bucharest despite PM's resignation over the nightclub fire that killed 32.


Romanians hold mass protests despite PM's resignation

More than 30,000 people demonstrate in Bucharest and other cities to demand profound change to end corruption.


Romania PM Ponta resigns over nightclub fire

Victor Ponta hands in his mandate after thousands rally in Bucharest demanding resignations over deadly nightclub fire.


Romania declares national mourning over nightclub fire

Romanian officials say at least 27 people dead and 180 more wounded in the incident, with toll expected to rise.