Cristiano Ronaldo's airport bust a bust on social media

The Portuguese island of Madeira has renamed its main airport in honour of footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. It's also unveiled a statue of its famous player, considered one of the world’s most handsome men. But fans say the likeness is poor.


Heatwave in northwest Africa

Eastern Atlantic storm system brings near-record heat to Algeria


Forest fires continue to rage across southern Europe

Four people have died in forest fires on Portugal's Madeira Island, as wildfires in France force thousands to flee.


Portugal: Wildfires rage across Madeira Islands

Portuguese authorities are on high alert as a wave of wildfires sweeps across the Madeira Islands.


Euro 2016: Portugal beat France to lift European title

Eder scores in extra time to beat host France and win Portugal's first major title.


'No doubt that I will go down in footballing history'

Real Madrid forward Ronaldo, highest scorer in Champions League history, eager for more success on the field.


Turkey blocks 'rocking imam' from singing in Portugal

Turkish religious authority refuses to allow musician imam Tuzer to perform at a concert hosted by Porto's art museum.


Portugal heads to polls to elect new president

Law professor and TV pundit Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa tipped to win in key election closely watched in Brussels.


Portugal's government ousted by anti-austerity alliance

Bloc of left-wing parties team up to block policy proposals by recently elected centre-right coalition government.


Flooding swamps Portugal's Algarve

Strong winds and heavy rain batter the tourist hotspot.


Portugal government re-elected despite harsh austerity

Centre-right coalition wins parliamentary election but appears to have fallen short of a crucial outright majority.


Portuguese head to polls after four years of austerity

Neither ruling coalition or socialists expected to win absolute majority in 230-seat parliament after Sunday's election.


More than 1,350 evacuated in Spain as wildfires spread

Several villages evacuated as wildfire spreads through pine forest in northeast region of Aragon amid national heatwave.

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Reverse colonialism: Angola snaps up Portuguese media

Angolan oil wealth filters back into Portugal as the former colony buys up news outlets in the country.

The Listening Post

Azerbaijan and the European Games: Did the PR pay off?

As the Baku games close, we examine the challenges facing journalists; plus, Angola, Portugal and 'reverse colonialism'.


Greek democracy

A chill for Europe and the world.

by Menelaos Tzafalias