Latin America

Paraguay delays re-election vote amid fresh protests

Protests outside burnt Congress building call for Senate vote on President Cartes' re-election bid to be withdrawn.

Latin America

Paraguay president calls for political agreement

Paraguay's government is trying to find a way out of a political crisis after an attempt to change the constitution to allow the current president to be re-elected.

Latin America

Paraguay opposition leader shot dead by police

Paraguay's interior minister and police chief have been fired following the killing of a young opposition party leader during protests on Friday night.

Latin America

Paraguay: Protesters set fire to Congress building

Protesters stormed Paraguay's Congress building and set it on fire after a secret Senate vote to approve a bill that would allow President Horacio Cartes to run for another term.

Latin America

Paraguay protesters set fire to Congress

Demonstrations over secret Senate vote on bill that would allow President Cartes to run for re-election turn violent.


Is populism really retreating in Latin America?

Latin America's recent rightward spiral should not be seen as the end of the populist era in the region.

by Dawisson Belem Lopes


Soldiers killed in rare ambush in Paraguay

Roadside bomb targets army patrol in northern border region in attack blamed by government on Marxist group.


Paraguay shivers in the coldest night of the year

Low temperatures maintain a relentless grip on Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and southern Brazil.


Argentina jails dictator for international death squad

Former general and 14 others jailed for their role in Operation Condor, a unit set up to kill South American dissidents.


Poverty beyond the numbers

For too long, one-dimensional measures have misdiagnosed poor people's problems.

by Julia Corvalan

Humanitarian crises

S America: Over 160,000 flee worst floods in 50 years

Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Bolivia have been battered by heavy rains blamed on the El Nino phenomenon.


What's left of the Latin American left?

Protests against corruption and the electoral shifts point to a region that has consolidated democratic governance.

by Hisham Aidi


Remembering Operation Condor

With the US' encouragement, the alliance in South America would go on to torture and murder many civilians.

by Belen Fernandez

Poverty & Development

Pilgrims bitten by snakes at Paraguay papal Mass

At least 14 people bitten during Mass conducted by Pope Francis, who has wrapped up his South American tour.

Latin America

Pope Francis begins South America trip in Ecuador

Leader of Catholic church arrives in Ecuador as he starts three-nation tour, that also includes Bolivia and Paraguay.