New Zealand

New Zealand's homeless: Living in cars and garages

New Zealand was once a pioneer of the social welfare state, but now one in every 100 New Zealanders are homeless.


An Innocent Warrior

A Maori activist's fight for his people after being accused of running a paramilitary training camp in New Zealand.


The hypocrisy of Australian democracy

The coming election holds a bitter taste for many Kiwis living long-term in Australia.

by Megan Anderson

Al Jazeera World

Ramadan North and South

An intimate look at the month of Ramadan through the eyes of Muslims in opposite ends of the world.

New Zealand

Why are there so many Maori in New Zealand's prisons?

We go inside a prison to tell the stories of the Maori men living their lives "behind the wire".


Former New Zealand PM announces bid for top UN post

If she wins, Helen Clark would become the first woman to hold the position of UN secretary general.

New Zealand

New Zealand rejects alternate flag design in referendum

Two million voted in poll with 57 percent opting to keep current Union flag design and the rest wanting an alternative.

New Zealand

New Zealand's flag referendum

Silver fern or Union Jack - as the three-week ballot comes to a close, will Kiwis opt for change?


New Zealand begins final vote on flag change

Ballot on whether to replace colonial-era flag will extend over the next three weeks, with results expected on March 24.

Business & Economy

Finalising the TPP: A critical step for East Asia

Leadership on ratification of the TPP would provide a shot in the arm to the economies of many states in East Asia.

by J Berkshire Miller


Turnbull, Key and the refugee offer that divides them

New Zealand offers to take Australia's refugees but there appears to be little chance Australia will accept the offer.

Human Rights

Australia PM warns New Zealand against taking refugees

Prime Minister says accepting a New Zealand offer to take in 150 refugees a year would encourage more to come.

Business & Economy

The Trans-Pacific Partnership in perspective

Al Jazeera correspondents analyse what trade pact signed by 12 nations means for China, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico.

Business & Economy

Controversial TPP pact signed amid New Zealand protests

Protesters highlight the deal's corporate agenda as 12 countries sign the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Auckland.


The TPP controversy explained

The TPP is a controversial trade deal by Pacific countries. Here is what supporters and opponents think of it.