In the Field

Nauru: Australia's Guantanamo Bay?

Three former teachers at Australia's 'processing centre' for asylum seekers break their silence about the conditions.


Nauru: A place of abuse and desperation

A former Nauru refugee prison camp employee describes a process of dehumanisation and a resulting mental health crisis.

Human Rights

Head of Australian state offers to house asylum seekers

The offer comes following an announcement that one of the refugee detention facilities will be shut down.

Human Rights

Nauru: Leak reveals children sexually abused at prison

Thousands of abuse and assault cases outlined in documents leaked to the Guardian paint a grim picture of life in Nauru.

The Listening Post

Offshore and off limits: Australia's refugee centres

We examine the media blackout on Australia's "processing centres" for asylum seekers on the islands of Manus and Nauru.


Refugee sets herself on fire at Australia's Nauru camp

Australian minister accuses refugee advocates of inciting self-harm after second incident of self-immolation in a week.

Human Rights

Asylum seeker in Nauru convicted for suicide attempt

Iranian man held in Australian-run detention centre on Pacific island reportedly ordered to pay a $155 fine.


Outsourcing refugees: 'How will I survive' in Cambodia?

Why Australia's controversial refugee resettlement deal with one of the world's poorest countries is 'a failure'.

Human Rights

Australia PM warns New Zealand against taking refugees

Prime Minister says accepting a New Zealand offer to take in 150 refugees a year would encourage more to come.


Australia hospital guards baby from return to detention

Faculty refuse to discharge girl to prevent her return to detention camp as nationwide #LetThemStay campaign grows.


Court to rule on Australia's refugee-detention policy

Test case mounted by Human Rights Law Centre will challenge the legality of country’s offshore "processing centres".


Australia accused of denying detainees medical care

Health workers say officials are preventing offshore refugees from getting much needed medical assistance in Australia.


Australia running out of countries to send its refugees

After abuse scandals, Australia is being forced to seek out new nations to take its unwanted asylum seekers.