Human Rights

Namibian tribes sue Germany alleging colonial genocide

Ovaherero and Nama tribes launch lawsuit against Germany for alleged killing of 100,000 people more than 100 years ago.

Human Rights

Genocide negotiations reopen colonial wounds in Namibia

'The Germans must take ownership of their past wrongdoings,' victims say.


Thunderstorms bring rain to the Namibian capital

More heavy rain is urgently needed to avoid water rationing in Windhoek.


South Africa: Stop airline ban on animal trophies

Critics in southern Africa say ban on transportation of animal parts may boost illegal poaching of wild animals.

Human Rights

Forgotten genocide: Namibia's quest for reparations

Namibia has set a deadline for Germany to respond to demands of reparations for colonial racial atrocities and genocide.

by Hisham Aidi

Inside Story

Are African leaders failing to prove excellence?

Namibia president is latest recipient of Africa's largest award for leadership, but he is only one of four since 2006.


Namibia expecting rare summer rain

Unseasonably heavy rain is expected in the coming days, including some areas considered to among the driest on Earth.


Namibians furious over forced sterilisation

Following court ruling regarding HIV-positive cases, dozens of women have revealed their experience at public hospitals.

Poverty & Development

Namibians turn to dogs to protect livestock

Attacks on livestock resulting from successful wildlife-conservation policies compel farmers to look to canine solution.


Ruling party ahead in Namibia vote count

Governing SWAPO party nominees lead as country counts votes of presidential and parliamentary polls.


Ruling party favoured in Namibia vote

Governing SWAPO expected to retain dominance in elections for new president and parliament.

Human Rights

Namibia court upholds sterilisation verdict

Supreme court upholds judgment from 2012 that health workers coerced three HIV positive mothers to consent to prodedure.


Nigeria's 'last chance' to avoid ban

Fifa gives national federation until Friday to sort out legal issues following elections or face seven-month suspension.


The game-changing election for Africa

The election in Mozambique exposed the divide between rich and poor thanks to a more connected society.

by Ayesha Kajee


Is China-Africa cooperation a win-win situation?

Chinese PM has admitted to 'growing pains' in Sino- Africa ties while new book claims Beijing is an