Humanitarian crises

Hundreds feared dead as boat capsizes off Libya coast

UN refugee agency says around 50 rescued after vessel reportedly carrying 700 migrants sinks in Mediterranean Sea.

Humanitarian crises

Cold and wet in North Africa

Wintry weather digs right across the Mediterranean into Tunisia and Libya.


Swedish king honoured Palestine National Day

Carl Gustaf sent cable of congratulations to Mahmoud Abbas on anniversary of unilateral independence declaration.

Human Rights

Rescued migrants finally leave Cyprus ship

More than 300 Syrian refugees rescued by a cruise liner finally disembarked in Cyprus after hours of negotiations.

War & Conflict

Turkish 'genocide' film: An epic too late?

Fatih Akin's film on tragic events of 1915 is no great cinematic oeuvre but marks turning point in T

by Hamid Dabashi


People smugglers blamed for Malta 'massacre'

Survivors of shipwreck in Mediterranean Sea provide witness accounts after incident in which 500 migrants perished.


Scores feared dead after boat sinks off Libya

At least 20 bodies recovered and 170 missing after boat carrying migrants from Africa capsizes at sea off Tripoli.


British navy evacuates nationals from Libya

HMS Enterprise picks up 110 people, most UK nationals, from Tripoli amid worsening security in capital and other cities.


Libyans brace for fresh violence

The complex and multi-sided battle between rebel groups has dampened the prospects for Western intervention.


Thousands of migrants rescued off Italy

Over a thousand people rescued off the island of Lampedusa in the second such operation in two days.


Less Europe, less immigration?

EU politicians are using the issue of immigration for political gains at the upcoming EU elections.

by Jan Douwe Keulen


Detention in Malta: Europe's migrant prison

Malta's detention of asylum seekers is part and parcel of the racist and anti-immigrant frenzy now sweeping Europe.

by Belen Fernandez

Inside Story

Who is responsible for protecting migrants?

More and more people die as they try to reach countries that offer hope of a better life.


Dozens of migrants drown off Libya

Interior Ministry official says at least 40 dead after boat carrying migrants capsized in waters east of Tripoli.


Libya threatens EU over African immigrants

Interior minister says Tripoli will allow migrants to "flood" Europe if it does not help Libya combat illegal entries.