Helping Malawi's animals back into the wild

From monkeys to pythons, antelope to lions, the Lilongwe Wildlife Trust rescues, rehabilitates and returns animals.

Humanitarian crises

Mozambican refugees stuck between somewhere and nowhere

Refugees fleeing fighting in Mozambique struggle to come to terms with life in the camps of Malawi.


How Malawi reduced its HIV/Aids infection rate

Malawi's Minister of Health, Peter Kumpalume, on the approach to HIV in a country where 10 percent are infected.

Human Rights

Malawi failing to protect albino community: Amnesty

Rights body raises alarm over attacks against people with albinism, but government dubs Amnesty report as "unfair".

Wild Animals

Malawi to conduct Africa's largest elephant relocation

Conservation group announces ambitious plan to move animals over 300km from overcrowded wildlife reserves.


Malawi's fearsome chief, terminator of child marriages

Chief Kachindamoto has broken up 850 child marriages in three years, and banned the sexual initiations of young girls.

Human Rights

Albinos mutilated in Malawi, activists call for action

Activists describe situation in Malawi as reaching a crisis level days after UN says albino population faces extinction.


Malawi fight club takes on child rape

Rape is Malawi's most reported crime. Ujamaa initiative is helping schoolkids defend themselves against perpetrators.


Malawi declares state of emergency over drought

About 2.8 million Malawians face food insecurity, making country one of the worst hit in southern African drought.

Humanitarian crises

Fighting in Mozambique prompts refugee flight to Malawi

Nearly 3,500 people flee to neighbouring country, raising concerns of new refugee crisis in Southern Africa.


Southern Africa's drought leaves millions hungry

UN says 14 million people face starvation because of reduced food production, blamed on El Nino weather pattern.

Climate Change

El Nino threatens millions of children in Africa: UN

Water shortages, hunger, and disease could affect 11 million kids in southern Africa, warns UNICEF.

Human Rights

Hundreds of Malawians leave South Africa after attacks

Dozens of buses used to carry citizens back to Malawi, amid fears xenophobic violence and intimidation would continue.

Human Rights

Tanzania arrests witchdoctors over attacks on albinos

At least 200 people detained during special operation linked to wave of attacks and murders of albinos.

Humanitarian crises

Devastation and disease after deadly Malawi floods

Tens of thousands stranded after southern Africa country's record floods face rising risk of disease outbreak.