Suicide attack targets Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan

Officials confirm suicide bomber died while at least three embassy employees were wounded in the Bishkek blast.

Business & Economy

Russian crisis dashes Kyrgyzstan's hydropower dreams

Construction of five hydropower dams and plants cancelled as Russian state energy company fails to deliver cash.


Interview: Kyrgyzstan coalition nominates Sariyev as PM

Al Jazeera meets head of new government after October election and probes the leader on nation's close ties with Russia.


Pro-Russian party tops Kyrgyz parliamentary polls

Party linked to President Atambayev gets close to a third of the votes with five other pro-Moscow parties also winning.

Reporter's Notebook

Kyrgyzstan's chance to stand out in Central Asia

Landmark vote in post-Soviet state sets an example in a regional sea of authoritarianism.


Torture and death for Uzbek Muslims in jail

After 2005 revolt against President Karimov's iron-fisted rule, crackdown against Muslims continues unabated.

Business & Economy

Kyrgyzstan's untapped coal potential

Poor transportation infrastructure spurs one miner to build his own road to move the vital mineral to local markets.


Kyrgyzstan considers anti-gay law

Parliament could ban public discussions on the rights of homosexuals amid reports of systematic discrimination.

Business & Economy

US power on the wane in Central Asia

Termination of a key US military base in Kyrgyzstan highlights the superpower's declining influence in the region.


Uzbek leader remains jailed in Kyrgyzstan

Azimjon Askarov's supporters say police used 2010 riots as an excuse to jail him for speaking out against government.


Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan fear new communal riots

Four years after clashes left hundreds dead, Uzbeks fear marginalisation will stoke further violence.


Syria uprising holds appeal in Kyrgyzstan

One Kyrgyzstani woman who says she wants to support the Syrian uprising and go to the Middle East no matter what.


Kyrgyzstan violence: Four years on

Core problems which precipitated the 2010 violence in Kyrgyzstan have not been addressed.

by Franco Galdini


Environmental cost of Kyrgyzstan's gold mine

Kyrgyzstan's government approves a Canadian firm's gold mine plan despite dangers to a fresh water source.

US & Canada

Outcry over student arrested in Tajikistan

PhD student arrested while researching conflict management in the Central Asian country, now faces treason charges.