People & Power

Jamaica's Silent Children

An investigation into the high rate of child sex abuse in Jamaica and the government's failure to protect its children.

Arts & Culture

Reggae, a failed assassination and Jamaica in turmoil

Man Booker Prize nominee Marlon James speaks to The Stream about his novel "A Brief History of Seven Killings".

Human Rights

Time for the US to pardon Jamaican national hero

Once again, Jamaica asks Obama to pardon national hero Marcus Garvey.

by Hisham Aidi

Latin America

Don't look for Latin American jihadis - yet

Latin American Muslims seem immune to radicalism and ISIL's global recruitment campaign - but for how much longer?

by Massimo Di Ricco

Poverty & Development

Obama's green Caribbean dream

US president woos Jamaica with alternative US energy in bid to thwart Chinese investment and cheap Venezuelan oil.


Jamaica bans visitors from Ebola-hit nations

Caribbean country joins Guyana and Trinidad in imposing bans on travellers from Ebola-stricken West African countries.


Cristobal batters the Bahamas

After killing at least three people, Hurricane Cristobal finally creeps away from the Caribbean.

Business & Economy

Let's end this madness in the global debt system

Out of the hardship of Argentina's imposed default comes the possibility to end debt dependence once

by Daniel Ozarow


Powell free to race until appeal outcome

Jamaican sprinter is allowed to race by the CAS until his appeal into the 18-month ban by Jamaican authorities is heard.


Taylor cuts through Kiwis' lineup

West Indies fast-bowler takes four wickets to reduce the visitors to 221 on the opening day of the second Test.


Laying down tracks for the new season

Usain Bolt will be missing the IAAF season-opener in Doha but there are plenty of rivalries on show for the months ahead


Push to legalise cannabis in Jamaica

As more US states legalise the drug it seems Kingston may follow the trend to bolster its economy.


Jamaican police officers charged with murder

Investigators say officers from Clarendon parish were involved in unlawful killing of civilians.


Killings by Jamaica police under review

A new independent commission has been created to investigate the rising number of killings by police.


Drought causes extreme emergency in Haiti

Haiti struck by yet another natural disaster. Now a lack of water causes problems to the poverty stricken nation.