Human Rights

Abortion in Ireland: 'It's your uterus, your decision'

On March 8, thousands in Ireland protested for the right to choose. We spoke to people on different sides of the issue.


Relatives want answers on Irish mass grave for babies

Relatives are demanding a full excavation of a mass grave of babies in the west of Ireland. The remains of almost 800 infants are thought to have been secretly buried at a former mother and baby home between the 1920s and 1960s.


Ireland: Discovery of baby remains raises questions

Campaigners in Ireland are warning that the task of identifying the remains of hundreds of babies, believed to be buried in unmarked graves, may take years.


Sinn Fein surges in tight Northern Ireland elections

Unionist DUP now has just a one-seat advantage as nationalist parties achieve best result in history of province.


Sinn Fein makes major gains in Irish elections

The Irish republican party, Sinn Fein, has made major election gains in Northern Ireland's assembly at the expense of pro-British unionists. The Democratic Unionist Party, which supports Brexit, has seen its 10-seat majority cut to just one.


Baby remains found in sewers of ex-Irish orphanage

Remains of children ranging from new-born to three years old discovered in sewers of a former Catholic Church-run home.


Northern Ireland snap vote to test Brexit

The people of Northern Ireland vote on Thursday in an election to decide who commands power in the province. The vote was prompted by the collapse of a power-sharing agreement instituted almost 20 years ago.

Middle East

'An Irishman is slowly dying in an Egyptian prison'

Family of Ibrahim Halawa, arrested in August 2013, says 'time is of the essence', as Egypt denies claims over health.


The long road towards acceptance for Irish Travellers

The Irish Traveller community is fighting for official recognition of its ethnic identity and for a way of life.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Making Doonbeg great again

A village on the west coast of Ireland will be celebrating Trump's inauguration - and its own economic revival.

Poverty & Development

Housing Ireland's homeless

Campaign amplifies movement to address homelessness.


May: Northern Ireland crisis mustn't jeopardise peace

UK prime minister says Northern Irish leaders have a week to resolve their differences or there will be an election.


Speaking out for the homeless at Dublin's Apollo house

The 40 homeless residents who've occupied the building must leave, court ruled, as demolition is approved.

Counting the Cost

Apple's tax war with the EU

We examine the implications of what could be the world's biggest tax dispute when it hits the courts in 2017.


McGregor knocks out Alvarez and makes UFC history

Irish mixed martial arts superstar beats Eddie Alvarez to become first fighter to hold two UFC titles at the same time.