Counting the Cost

Apple's tax war with the EU

We examine the implications of what could be the world's biggest tax dispute when it hits the courts in 2017.


McGregor knocks out Alvarez and makes UFC history

Irish mixed martial arts superstar beats Eddie Alvarez to become first fighter to hold two UFC titles at the same time.

Human Rights

Q&A Mary Lawlor: Defending the rights defenders

The founder of Front Line Defenders discusses the state of human rights today and defending those who protect them.


Ballinasloe Horse Fair: An ancient Irish tradition

One of Europe's oldest horse fairs, it's also a meeting point for members of the Irish Traveller community.

Inside Story

Has Ireland given illegal tax incentives to Apple?

The European Commission says the Irish government helped Apple artificially lower its tax bill for more than 20 years.


EU orders Apple to repay record $14.5bn in taxes

Ireland deals enabled tech firm to avoid paying taxes on almost all profits from sales within EU market, says official.

Walls of Shame: Northern Ireland's Troubles

A look at life on both sides of the barriers dividing two warring communities.


Ireland marks centenary of rising against British rule

Thousands march in Ireland to commemorate the 1916 revolt that led to its independence from Britain.


Black Lives Matter and the 'Irish slave' myth

Are memes calling the Irish "the first slaves" an attempt to derail conversations about slavery and modern-day racism?

Human Rights

Ireland: Women speak out against abortion laws

Thousands of Irish women travel to England each year as restrictive laws put them at mental and physical risk.


Ireland's compensation for symphysiotomy victims ending

Legal experts condemn compensation scheme for women who were crippled by Irish doctors during childbirth.


Survivors remember Ireland's Magdalene laundries

Women incarcerated in Catholic Church-run institutions and forced to work for free remember those who died in them.


Irish election: Prime Minister Enda Kenny admits defeat

Parties to start negotiations seeking alliances to form government, after ruling coalition falls short of victory.


Irish election: Ruling coalition loses voter support

Exit poll projects that PM Enda Kenny's government will not secure majority as voters react to uneven economic recovery.


Homeless Irish families face eviction on election day

As talk revolves around an Irish economic recovery, the growing number of homeless families say they see no sign of it.