Finland hit by strikes over austerity measures

Thousands take to the streets of Nordic nation in protest against cutbacks aimed at rescuing economy from downturn.

Science & Technology

Report: Russia sponsored cyber attacks

Finnish security firm says Kremlin is behind hackers who have spied on US, Asia and Europe for seven years.

Human Rights

Finnish PM offers his home to asylum seekers

Al Jazeera talks to Finns on the PM's recent move and what role the Nordic country should play in EU's refugee crisis.


Dozens detained during Finnish far-right demonstration

Small rally in town of Jyvaskyla ends in violence as demonstrators manhandle bystanders and scuffle with police.


Finnish Prime Minister concedes election defeat

Alexander Stubb congratulates the opposition Centre Party after projection showed his party coming second in the polls.

Human Rights

Momentum of xenophobic right in Finland

Finnish far-right stokes up 'othering' and bigotry for votes.

by Bruno Jantti


The Tough Viking testing endurance

A 5km race near the Arctic Circle brings together over 300 participants with each step testing their endurance levels.

Business & Economy

EU austerity faces rising public anger

The European Union's 'Troika' institutions and austerity: friend or foe?


Russia is part of the solution and the problem

Heightened tension between Russia and the West suggests we're inching towards a new Cold War - can it be averted?

by Vartan Oskanian

Latin America

Is Erdogan rewriting history?

Rewriting history according to one's own religious beliefs is a highly controversial and perilous enterprise.

by Cengiz Aktar

War & Conflict

Kaliningrad: The last wall in Europe

The current turmoil between Europe and Russia is most felt in a narrow piece of land between Poland

by Remi Piet


Ukraine vote: A view from the war-torn east

In Semyonivka, where the Ukraine army is blamed for razing the village, any voting can be seen as a win for democracy.

Science & Technology

It will take more than natural resources for Africa to rise

The rise of 3D printing could do for Africa what semiconductors did for Taiwan in the 1960s.

by Calestous Juma


Can the left fight back in Europe?

The rise of new democratic forces in Europe marks a challenge to entrenched traditional political sy

by Remi Piet


It's time for the EU to impose sanctions on Israel

The EU is emerging as the world's most significant political force that can put pressure on Israel.

by Bruno Jantti