Julian Assange to be questioned in Ecuadorian Embassy

WikiLeaks founder has been living in the London Embassy since 2012 to avoid arrest over rape allegations.

Human Rights

Amazon: The final frontier?

There are still a few indigenous groups existing in voluntary isolation in the Amazon - for who knows how much longer.

by Belen Fernandez

Latin America

In Ecuador, a resort town torn apart by the earthquake

After 7.8 magnitude earthquake, one city close to epicentre still struggling to get to grips with devastation.

Latin America

Death toll in Ecuador earthquake passes 650

Tremors and aftershocks leave about 12,500 injured and another 58 missing while destroying 7,000 buildings.


Hope fades for trapped Ecuador quake victims

More than 200 people still missing in a race against time to find earthquake victims still alive under the rubble.


'I will have to give that coffin back'

The death toll from the country's worst earthquake in decades passes 500, with at least 231 people still missing.


Ecuador earthquake: 480 dead and an economy battered

A visibly moved President Rafael Correa says rebuilding Ecuador after worst earthquake for decades will cost billions.

Latin America

Ecuadorians show solidarity with earthquake victims

More than 400 people die in 7.8 magnitude quake that prompted humanitarian crisis.


Powerful quakes devastate life in Ecuador and Japan

Rescue work still underway to pull out people from collapsed buildings, while tens of thousands rendered homeless.


Rubble combed in Ecuador as death toll soars

President says almost 300 people dead and many buildings destroyed as military rushes to deliver aid.

Latin America

Ecuador: Death toll rises to 272

Rescue teams race to find survivors after 7.8-magnitude tremor kills almost 300 people in Ecuador.

Latin America

Deadly earthquake hits Ecuador

At least 233 people killed after 7.8-magnitude tremor shakes Ecuador's northwest Pacific coast.

Latin America

Life under an active volcano in Ecuador

The Cotopaxi volcano in Ecuador shows signs of erupting, 138 years after its last big eruption left 1,000 people dead.


Zika virus cases spread in Latin America, Caribbean

Ecuador and Haiti report new cases of the mosquito-borne virus as Brazil directs funds for vaccine development.

Poverty & Development

What's left of the Latin American left?

Protests against corruption and the electoral shifts point to a region that has consolidated democratic governance.

by Hisham Aidi