The 15-Minute Massacre in Croatia

Haunted by his decision not to intervene as civilians were killed, a former UN commander returns to Croatia 20 years on.


Remembering Dayton: The accord that ended Bosnian war

Yet, it remains a horrible basis for successful state-building.

by Riada Asimovic Akyol

Human Rights

Refugees sew lips in Greece-Macedonia border protest

Refugees stranded by recent decision by Balkan nations to screen refugees by country, not merit, go on hunger strike.

Human Rights

Refugee nationalities screened at borders: witnesses

Hundreds stranded at Balkan borders as authorities reject those who cannot prove Syrian, Afghan or Iraqi citizenship.

Human Rights

One road and one thousand languages

A photojournalist reflects on what his images say about Europe's failure to help refugees.


Croatia's conservative opposition wins election

Conservative bloc led by HDZ party has won the general election but without enough votes to rule alone.


Croatia's conservative opposition takes early poll lead

Conservative bloc led by HDZ party projected to take 60 seats in the 151-seat parliament, according to partial results.


Croatia votes amid refugee crisis and economic woes

Opinion polls predict tight race between ruling centre-left and conservative opposition, with divisions over refugees.


Slovenia calls on EU to help cope with rush of refugees

Country struggling after 12,000 refugees arrive from Croatia in one day calls for policing assistance.

Human Rights

Slovenia to slow refugee flow over fears of bottleneck

Ljubljana says it will only process up to 2,500 refugees a day to ease pressure on both its own and Austria's borders.


Slovenia receives refugees after Hungary border closure

Croatian authorities transfer hundreds more refugees to Slovenia after Hungary closes its frontier with Croatia.


Refugees enter Slovenia after Hungary closes border

Buses and refugees on foot en route to northern Europe directed west from Croatia as Hungary seals off southern border.

War & Conflict

A refugee journey: All they left behind

Refugees abandon their possessions en-route to safe-haven, as they flee danger in rush to catch boats, trains and buses.

Humanitarian crises

The refugees' passage to Europe

With temperatures dropping, the journey for those caught between borders is becoming even more difficult.


Tensions between Croatia and Serbia rise over refugees

Serbia bans Croatian imports after Zagreb's decision to close shared border in attempt to halt entry of refugees.