Latin America

TPP members look to redesign trade deal

Talks are under way in Chile to try to revive the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade deal. President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the pact in January, but now the 11 remaining countries are trying to forge a new way forward.

Latin America

Chile builds new hub for world's largest telescope

Northern Chile is fast becoming the astronomical eyes of the world. And now an enormous astronomical centre that will house the world's largest telescope is under construction in the Atacama Desert.

Latin America

Wildlife flourishes on an untouched Chile island

An international team of scientists has sailed thousands of kilometres from Australia to Antactica - and finally to Chile - to try and better understand climate change.


More than one million without water after Chile floods

Severe water shortages in Santiago after mudslides caused by torrential rains choked intakes for urban water systems.


Chile floods kill three, leave millions without water

Torrential downpours cause floods, mudslides and power cuts around the central Chilean Andes.

Latin America

Chile's worst wildfires in history displace thousands

Eleven people dead as Chile's worst wildfires in history continue to ravage the countries central-south regions.


Torrential rains leave hundreds stranded in Chile

Around 350 Chileans have been cut off following a spell of intense rainfall which caused floods and mudslides.


Santiago sweats in record-breaking summer heat

It may be more than 400 metres up in the hills but Chile's capital is hotter than it's been since 1915.


In Latin America, people disappear but crimes remain

As we mark the International Day of the Disappeared, countless families across Latin America have yet to attain closure.

by Belen Fernandez


Argentina jails dictator for international death squad

Former general and 14 others jailed for their role in Operation Condor, a unit set up to kill South American dissidents.


Marine park divides Easter Island's indigenous Rapa Nui

Some worry the marine park will prevent them from feeding their families and say it is a form of colonialism.

101 East

The Fight for Rapa Nui

Can the Easter Island's indigenous Rapa Nui win the fight for independence from Chile to protect their land and culture?


Finalising the TPP: A critical step for East Asia

Leadership on ratification of the TPP would provide a shot in the arm to the economies of many states in East Asia.

by J Berkshire Miller

Talk to Al Jazeera

Beyond meat: The end of food as we know it?

We travel to Chile to meet a group of young scientists determined to develop smart plant-based food to save the planet.

Human Rights

Chile's Mapuche-Pehuenche: 10 years after relocation

How many of the promises made to this indigenous community forced off their land to accommodate a dam have been kept?