The vigilante 'migrant hunter' of Bulgaria

Petar Nizamov spends his days trawling the border with Turkey to find hopeful refugees to try and send back.


Bulgaria bans full-face veils in public places

Under the law, the garment will be banned in public institutions, schools, areas of administrative and public services.


In the Valley of Guns and Roses

The struggles of a single mother who works in a weapons factory in Bulgaria's Rose Valley.


Palestinians demand truth about death in Sofia embassy

Palestinian suspicions fall on Israel after mysterious death of Omar Nayef Zayed at embassy in Bulgarian capital.

Human Rights

Palestinian evades Israel extradition in Sofia embassy

Palestinian party warns Bulgarian extradition could set "dangerous precedent" for former political prisoners in Europe.

Al Jazeera World

Bulgaria, My Land

Bulgaria's ethnic Turkish community, persecuted and even deported last century, continues its fight for recognition.


Refugees in Bulgaria: 'Extortion, robbery, violence'

Refugees recall the violence and abuse endured at the hands of authorities during Bulgaria passage.

Human Rights

Refugees share stories of a violent welcome to Europe

Refugees report being the victims of violence on the Bulgarian border as they attempt to reach safety in Europe.


Egypt-bound plane makes emergency landing in Bulgaria

Airliner with 161 passengers aboard flying to Egyptian resort diverted after bomb threat.

Humanitarian crises

Refugees found in refrigerated truck in Bulgaria

Driver of vehicle detained and identity of estimated 129 refugees being established, official news agency reports.

Humanitarian crises

Refugees drown as wooden boat sinks off Turkish coast

At least 22 people, including four children, die while more than 200 people survive in waters between Greece and Turkey.


Bulgaria denies air access to Syria-bound Russia planes

NATO member refuses permission to unspecified number of aircraft amid fears Moscow stepping up military aid to Assad.


Fighting to keep Bulgaria's wrestling heritage alive

In the impoverished Kardzhali region, a small club is training youngsters and trying to bring back the glory days.


Israeli lawmaker suspended over pimping allegations

Media reports allege Knesset deputy speaker was involved in pimping and drugs while running a casino in Bulgaria.