Extreme storms leave two dead in Bolivia

After dealing with the worst drought the country has seen in 25 years, Bolivia reels from freak thunderstorms.

Latin America

Bolivia weather takes centre stage in Dakar Rally

Rain storms turn sections of sixth stage route from Oruro to La Paz into a quagmire, forcing the race to be cancelled.


Bolivia downpours leave at least eight dead

Torrential rains lead to widespread flooding across much of western Bolivia.


Traditional Bolivian healers tackle diabetes crisis

Bolivia teams up with traditional healers to help diabetics who are cautious of modern medicine.

Latin America

Peru and Bolivia vow to clean Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world has a weird foam layer on the surface and emits a smell of decay.

Latin America Investigates

Argentina: Cross-Border Trafficking

Investigating child trafficking and sexual exploitation along the border between Bolivia and Argentina.


Bolivia ruling party backs Morales for a fourth term

Leftist party picks Morales as its candidate for 2019 presidential elections, defying results of a February referendum.


Is mining to blame for the drought in Bolivia?

Environmentalists claim the country's ongoing drought exposes the negative impacts of the mining industry.


Colombia plane ran out of fuel, pilot said before crash

Electrical failure and lack of fuel resulted in plane crash, according to recording of pilot's final communication.


Bolivia declares national emergency amid drought

The lack of water has sparked protests in Bolivia and forced President Evo Morales to declare a national emergency.


The 'pink tide' in crisis

To defend their social goals, Latin American states need to risk encroaching on the profits and rights of investors.

by Richard Seymour


Bolivia says minister killed by striking miners

Rodolfo Illanes, Bolivia's deputy interior minister, was reportedly beaten to death after being kidnapped by miners.

Human Rights

Can Bolivia's new measures counteract gender violence?

Bolivia has one of the highest rates of gender violence, with nine in 10 women experiencing it in their lifetime.


Italy, Netherlands ask to share Security Council seat

Two countries tied in vote after Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan and Sweden are chosen for non-permanent seats.


Argentina jails dictator for international death squad

Former general and 14 others jailed for their role in Operation Condor, a unit set up to kill South American dissidents.