Latin America

Argentina's indigenous march for lost land

Most of Argentina's indigenous community was wiped out by war and disease by the end of the 19th century. Those who survived say they have been pushed to marginal land in forgotten corners of the country.

Latin America

Argentina plans to rebuild its biggest slum

The biggest slum in Buenos Aires has been a thorn in the side of the city’s government for years. But now there's a plan to redevelop the township. Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports from Buenos Aires.

Latin America

Argentina floods damage homes in south

Southern Argentina has been hit by more rain in the past few days than the region has seen in several years. The downpour has caused mudslides that have damaged homes.


Argentinians protest against austerity measures

Argentinians angry at austerity measures introduced by President Mauricio Macri are calling for wage increases to be in line with inflation. Teachers, bus drivers, factory workers and customs agents took part in a 24-hour anti-government strike.


Argentinians demand justice for victims of ‘Dirty War’

Protesters marched in cities across Argentina in remembrance of the victims of the so-called Dirty War, in which tens of thousands were kidnapped, tortured and killed during military rule between 1976 and 1983.


Argentina poverty levels hit an all-time low

A new report by the Argentine Catholic University says 1.5 million people in Argentina have fallen into poverty since Mauricio Macri took office. Activists say more resources are needed to assist those struggling to survive.


Argentine union steps up pressure on president

Strike call made as salary negotiations between governments and teachers' unions delay start of school for children.

Latin America

Argentina: Thousands rally against abuse on Women's Day

Thousands of women took to the streets in Argentina's capital on International Women's Day. They demanded greater rights and protection from abusive partners. Almost 300 women were murdered in Argentina last year.

Latin America

Argentina labour unions warn of national strike

Labour unions in Argentina are warning the government of a nationwide workers' strike. Salary increases have lagged far behind rocketing consumer prices and workers say they are struggling to survive.

Latin America

Argentina's unions bring thousands to the streets

Unionists protest against government policies and threaten to stage a nationwide strike if their demands are not met.

Unions lead mass protests in Buenos Aires

Latin America

Argentina's biggest union calls for anti-government protest

Argentina's largest labour union is set to go on strike to protest against government plans to cut public spending. Teachers are already into their second day of a nationwide walk-out.

Latin America

Slums residents of Argentina’s capital fighting for change

The sprawling shantytowns in Argentina's capital are seen by outsiders as no-go zones, largely run by drug gangs and other criminal rings. In fact, even emergency services stay away. So residents are doing things for themselves.


Argentine football players go on strike over unpaid wages

Buenos Aires, Argentina - First division football players in Argentina are on strike over unpaid wages and have refused to take part in this weekend’s matches. Some players have complained they have not been paid for over four months.


Players strike halts start of Argentine football season

Players complain of unpaid wages for four months as opening games postponed despite government payout.

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Gabriela Michetti: 'We told the truth'

Argentina's vice president talks 'false' corruption claims, economic woes and Panama Papers allegations.