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First internet addiction rehab clinic opens in Algeria

Health experts at the new clinic agree that internet overuse has emerged as a national issue.

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Q&A: 'Algeria learned the lesson through bloodshed'

Algerian film director Salem Brahimi speaks with Al Jazeera about the Black Decade and Algerian politics.

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Algerian media faces 'hostile environment'

Detention of two television executives is part of the state's efforts to intimidate and silence media, journalists say.

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Algeria: Over 500,000 students resit exams after leaks

Authorities impose partial block of social media after baccalaureate exams were leaked.

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Algeria economy: 'The worst is to come'

Without broader reforms, experts say Algeria's economy will continue to deteriorate amid the slump in global oil prices.

War & Conflict

The re-emergence of AQIM in Africa

AQIM has shown resilience and an ability to adapt to new situations, making it a dangerous and resourceful adversary.

by Olivier Guitta


Gas plant in Algerian Sahara hit by rocket attack

Al-Qaeda's Islamic Maghreb claimed responsibility for the rocket attack at the gas facility in southern Algeria.

Middle East

Algeria shakes up economy as oil prices plummet

Algeria is opening public companies up to private investments, but experts say new measures may be too little, too late.


Why Bouteflika dissolved Algeria's powerful spy agency?

President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's decision may be an attempt to reassert his primacy over the country's military elite.

Human Rights

Algeria's Berbers cautiously optimistic about reforms

The issue of what language best expresses the identity of modern Algeria is decades old.

by Hisham Aidi

Human Rights

Algeria turns a new leaf - or is it just for show?

The constitutional changes look good on paper but it is too soon to tell if they mean a true commitment to reforms.

by Remi Piet


Algeria adopts landmark constitutional reforms

Authorities say reforms will strengthen democracy, but critics doubt they will bring real change.


Algeria set to approve new constitution

Draft document promises a more democratic system, but critics and opposition parties doubt any real change is imminent.

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Algeria buries independence war hero

Tens of thousands turn out for funeral in Hocine Ait Ahmed's birthplace after his death in Switzerland.

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French Algerians return to parents' native land

In recent years, many French entrepreneurs of Algerian descent have moved to Algiers to launch businesses.