Oathgate will hurt Hong Kong democracy

The oath crisis has given Beijing an opportunity to toughen its grip over Hong Kong.

by Yuen Chan


Hong Kong court upholds pro-independence MP bans

Two pro-independence MPs were disqualified from taking office after their oaths of allegiance were deemed invalid.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong lawyers to hold silent protest march

Move follows Chinese parliament's decision to bar territory's two pro-independence politicians from taking office.


China bars two rebel Hong Kong MPs from retaking oath

Beijing's ruling follows deliberate misreading of oath by two elected pro-independence lawmakers last month.

Hong Kong

Mass protest in Hong Kong over China intervention

Police fire pepper spray at demonstrators after Beijing bars two pro-independence politicians from taking office.

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How will Beijing deal with rising anti-China sentiment

China has described those calling for Hong Kong's independence a "threat to national security".

Hong Kong

Hong Kong legislators defy ban as standoff continues

Legislative Council's session adjourned after Yau Wai-ching and Sixtus Leung entered the chamber despite a ban.


Typhoon Haima now heads towards China's Guangdong

After lashing Luzon in northern Philippines, Typhoon Haima now set to bear down on China as a Category 1 typhoon.

Hong Kong

Tensions flare in Hong Kong over pro-freedom leaders

Pro-China politicians stage walk out of legislative session to halt swearing-in of two pro-independence lawmakers.


Hong Kong pro-democracy leader deported from Thailand

Supporters of 19-year-old activist who became face of protest movement accuse China of being behind deportation.

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Hong Kong's new media: A blow for Beijing?

We examine how Hong Kong's new media and a new wave of politicians are challenging the establishment media.

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Is China nervous about Hong Kong's recent election?

Beijing reiterates that calls for Hong Kong independence will not be tolerated.

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Hong Kong’s self-determination is 'core of my job': Law

Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a 23-year-old pro-independence candidate has just been elected to Hong Kong's legislature.

Hong Kong

Democracy groups gain ground in Hong Kong vote

Pro-China contingent to continue to dominate city's legislature despite a strong showing by pro-independence candidates.

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Hong Kong votes in first major election since protests

Record turnout in Hong Kong legislative election as anti-Beijing sentiments increase.