Battle for Aleppo

Idlib overwhelmed by influx of Aleppo's wounded

Thousands of displaced Syrians are suffering from infected shrapnel wounds, hypothermia and malnutrition.


Russia decries US move on arms sales to Syrian rebels

Criticism comes days after Russian forces helped Assad government take control of Aleppo, displacing tens of thousands.

Middle East

Turkish university lets Syrians study in Arabic

Nearly 2,000 Syrians are taking classes at Gaziantep University where they can resume studies from where they left off.


Time to reclaim our suffering

The exploitation of the suffering of people in Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Libya and Iraq needs to stop.

by Yasmeen El Khoudary

Battle for Aleppo

East Aleppo: 'Our memories are buried'

Residents evacuated from the Syrian city of Aleppo are beginning their lives anew in Idlib.

Middle East

New Syrian offensive targets rebels around Aleppo

Deaths of civilians reported in rebel-held Atareb while government blames fighters for deadly shelling elsewhere.

Inside Story

Where is the next battleground in Syria?

The Syrian government celebrates the retaking of Aleppo, but is it enough to secure the final victory?


Whitewashing Assad and his allies must be challenged

When we leave whitewashers to continue their campaigns unchecked, we put our own voices at risk of being marginalised.

by Malak Chabkoun


No peace in sight in Syria

Despite the fall of Aleppo and the Russian-Turkish-Iranian diplomatic drive, the Syrian war is not about to end soon.

by Galip Dalay

Battle for Aleppo

Syria's government recaptures all of Aleppo city

After weeks of heavy fighting, Damascus announces complete victory in the battle to retake eastern Aleppo from rebels.

Battle for Aleppo

Thousands still waiting for evacuation from east Aleppo

Movement of buses out of Syrian city resumes after harsh weather and obstacles disrupted effort on Wednesday.


Aleppans to Idlib: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The evacuation of Aleppo residents will inevitably lead to a long-term displacement in temporary shelters.

by Sultan Barakat
- Sansom Milton


From the rubble of Aleppo, ISIL rises

Through distraction, rival elimination and fears of the Sunni population, ISIL seizes opportunities of Aleppo's war.

by Alia Brahimi


The implications of the Andrey Karlov assassination

Although it's a significant blow to Turkey-Russia relations after the jet incident, impairing the relations is unlikely.

by Akin Unver

Battle for Aleppo

Thousands evacuated from east Aleppo

Thousands of people, including dozens of orphans, leave Aleppo in ongoing evacuation effort from besieged Syrian city.