Middle East

Houthi landmines kill hundreds in Yemen

Human Rights Watch says landmines have killed and maimed hundreds of civilians, and prevented many from returning home. Due to shortage of proper equipment, Yemeni soldiers are trying to clear many of them by hand.

Middle East

Fighting forces 30,000 people from homes in South Sudan

Since fighting between government and rebel forces erupted again last July, more than 100,000 people in South Sudan’s Kajo Keji county have fled to Uganda.


Ethiopia rejects UN investigation into deadly protests

Ethiopia is rejecting UN and EU calls to investigate months of anti-government protests that left hundreds dead in 2015 and 2016.

Reporter's Notebook

In S Sudan, 'we don't get to pick who comes to kill us'

With about 3.5 million uprooted from their homes, children are the biggest losers in South Sudan's war.

Syria's Civil War

Syrian refugees in Lebanon struggling with health needs

A Lebanese NGO is supporting Syrian refugees with mobile clinics.


MAPPED: The battle against ISIL

In the past year and a half, ISIL's territory has been shrinking steadily.

Middle East

Syria evacuations resume after deadly bomb attack

The reciprocal evacuations from two pro-government villages and two opposition-held towns resumed under tight security.


Kashmir unrest: Students protest despite university shutdown

Universities and colleges in Indian-administrated Kashmir have been forced to close for a second day after another outbreak of anti-India protests. Mobile phone networks have now been cut-off.

Middle East

Mosul: UN humanitarian efforts stretched over influx of IDPs

Almost half a million people have fled Mosul city since the start of the operation to push ISIL out launched six months ago. The UN says it is stretched to its limits and fears for the 400,000 unable to leave the western part of the city.

Middle East

Syria: Heartbroken parents searching for missing children

Dozens of Syrian parents say their children have gone missing after last weekend’s bomb attack on a convoy of buses near Aleppo.

Battle for Mosul

Civilians fleeing Mosul battle: 'We've lost everything'

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have fled west Mosul in the US-backed offensive to retake the city from ISIL.

War & Conflict

Refugees free UN staff held hostage in DRC camp

Unarmed South Sudanese refugees demanding to be moved to a third country had captured 16 MONUSCO staff.

War & Conflict

S Sudan refugees 'hold 13 UN staff hostage' in DRC camp

UN official says negotiations ongoing with 100 unarmed refugees at camp in eastern DRC after MONUSCO staff held.

Inside Story

Gaza in the dark as fuel for power plant runs out

Rival Palestinian factions blame each other for electricity crisis which is putting patients' lives at risk.

Middle East

Syria: Air raid kills nine children of one Idlib family

Rescue workers and monitor blame Russian, US-led coalition and Syrian jets for the death of many children and women.