Syria's Civil War

Syria's green buses: Symbol of a seismic shift

Less dramatic than the barrel bombs and less celebrated than the White Helmets but Syria’s green buses are still iconic.

by James Denselow

Al Jazeera World

A Somali in America

The story of Ali, a young Somali refugee in the US, who's now re-assessing his new life under the Trump presidency.

Middle East

Palestinian teen killed by Israeli fire in Gaza

Palestinian officials say one 18-year-old male teen has been killed and two others wounded by Israeli artillery fire.

Middle East

Syrian rebels launch second Damascus attack

Government forces and rebels engaged in fresh fighting as rebel offensive near Jobar neighbourhood enters third day.

Head to Head

Martin McGuinness: Can political violence be justified?

Mehdi Hasan challenges Martin McGuinness, exploring the definition of terrorism and when to negotiate with the enemy.

War & Conflict

Cambodia rejects paying 'dirty debt' to the US

Cambodia-US relations will further deteriorate if Trump insists on collecting debt incurred by an illegitimate regime.

by Vannarith Chheang

Middle East

Turkish Kurds mourn losses since ceasefire collapse

Hundreds of people have been killed in southeastern Turkey since 2015, when a ceasefire collapsed between the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, and the Turkish government. The PKK feels Kurds have been persecuted by the government for decades.

Inside Story

Can Syrian rebels build on their Damascus attack?

Opposition fighters launched brazen assault on the Syrian capital, seizing control of areas under government siege.

Middle East

Libya conflict: Reports of abuses by LNA forces in Benghazi

Libya's UN-backed government in Tripoli says it has evidence rebel forces are carrying out abuses in Benghazi.

Middle East

Bomb-rigged homes delay return of Iraqi residents near Mosul

More than 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes since the Iraqi military offensive began to push ISIL out of Mosul, the group's last stronghold in Iraq. But the armed group has left behind countless mines and booby-traps.

Middle East

Syrian government hits back at rebels after Damascus assault

Syrian state media says government forces have retaken areas near the capital Damascus that were seized by opposition fighters on Sunday.


Pakistan PM orders reopening of Afghanistan border

Pakistan has decided to reopen its crossing with Afghanistan as a 'goodwill gesture'.


Should we be scared of Trump's drone reforms?

Trump's planned reforms on drone policy are problematic, but what he inherited from Obama was already concerning.

by Rupert Stone

Middle East

Booby-trapped homes in Iraq delay civilians' return

While Peshmerga forces and the Iraqi forces have made efforts to clear some of the ISIL explosives left behind, there are few resources available to make villages and districts safe enough for residents to return.

Middle East

East Libyan forces claim victory in southwest Benghazi

Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army kills 23 rival fighters and arrests six more, ending weeks of siege.