Mohamed Abdullahi inaugurated as new Somali president

President promises improvements but asks for patience as the country grapples with threats and a humanitarian crisis.


Time to tackle ISIL's millions of sympathisers?

It is necessary to improve the underlying conditions that transformed ordinary citizens into desperate ISIL supporters.

by Rami G Khouri


Struggle over Aleppo's story takes to the skies

How citizen journalists used drone technology to challenge the Assad regime's narrative of Aleppo's plight.

by AlHakam Shaar
- Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick

Inside Story

Who is to blame for famine in South Sudan?

The United Nations says millions are going hungry in the world's newest country.

War & Conflict

Ukraine accuses pro-Russia rebels of breaking truce

Rebels persistently shelled army positions, killing at least one soldier, according to Ukraine's military.


Norwegian Refugee Council staff detained in Yemen

Seven aid workers held after being accused of distributing Saudi-led coalition supplies - allegations the group denies.

Middle East

US defence chief Mattis: Not in Iraq to seize oil

Jim Mattis arrives on unannounced visit to Iraq as Pentagon considers acceleration of military campaign against ISIL.

Middle East

Iraqi government launches offensive on west Mosul

Prime minister announces start of military operation to take back ISIL's last major urban territory in Iraq.

Inside Story

Will latest Iraqi offensive mean end of ISIL in Mosul?

Iraqi forces and their allies have been fighting for months to push ISIL out of Mosul.

Human Rights

US: Remembering Japanese internment camps 75 years on

A camp survivor and the granddaughter of interned Japanese Americans take a journey through family and national history.


Chaos follows Pakistan-Afghanistan border closure

Trucks carrying perishable goods unable to cross over after Pakistan closed two crossings in the wake of terror attacks.

War & Conflict

Uprooting Israel's 'unrecognised' Bedouin

Bedouin homes face ongoing threat of demolition in southern Israel.

Middle East

Kurdish commander pledges to retain Syria's Manbij

Turkish president's plan to clear Kurdish forces from Syrian city and set up a safe zone meets with Kurdish defiance.

Inside Story

What lies behind uneasy Afghanistan-Pakistan ties?

Pakistan is pointing the finger at its neighbour, Afghanistan, after one of the bloodiest weeks in recent memory.

Middle East

Security Council resolutions to be 'Syria talks basis'

Elections, new constitution and governance to be on the agenda of forthcoming meeting in Geneva of Syrian factions.