Senegal: Army targets rebel hideouts in Casamance region

The offensive was prompted by the murder of 14 villagers in a suspected illegal-timber-trafficking dispute last week, but the rebels are denying responsibility for the massacre.


Venezuela: 'Several dead' in operation to capture Perez

The fate of Oscar Perez, and opposition figure who is a former pilot and action film star, is unknown after a shoot-out during which several people died.

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Is Trump 'playing with fire' by backing Kurds in Syria?

Turkey says it is threatened by a new US-trained army of 30,000 mainly Kurdish soldiers on its border.


Kashmir: Four Pakistani soldiers killed by Indian fire

War of words heats up in disputed Kashmir region after Indian army chief threatens cross-border military operation.

Kashmir: Four Pakistani soldiers killed by Indian fire

Syria's Civil War

Turkey, Russia: Anger over US backing of Kurdish forces

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that the formation of a zone controlled by US-backed fighters could lead to the partition of Syria.


Deadly clashes in Libyan capital force airport to close

At least nine people killed and 32 wounded after rival Libyan groups fight for control over Mitiga airport.

Deadly clashes in Libyan capital force airport to close


Iraq: 38 dead as twin blasts rock central Baghdad

Scores also wounded as two suicide bombers detonate belts among a crowd of workers, officials say.


A Trump decree is killing innocent civilians in Somalia

Trump's new relaxed rules of engagement are killing civilians and breeding the next generation of anti-US fighters.

Jamal Osman

by Jamal Osman

Jamal Osman

Democratic Republic of Congo

Conflict, flooding and cholera worsen DR Congo plight

There is a military operation against an armed group accused of killing peacekeepers, widespread flooding has destroyed many homes, and a major cholera outbreak has plagued the country.

Syria's Civil War

Syria's displacement crisis: 'We had to hide in caves'

Aid agencies say they are overwhelmed by the scale of humanitarian needs in Syria.

Syria's Civil War

Exclusive: Missile attack hits refugee camp in Syria

Dramatic footage by Al Jazeera shows displaced people, including women and children, seeking cover in Idlib.


DR Congo army launches offensive against ADF rebels

The attack comes as a response to an ambush on a UN base in North Kivu that killed 15 peacekeepers.


Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles

Civilians bear the brunt of conflict as Indian forces blow up houses as part of their offensive against rebel fighters.

Kashmiri homes become collateral damage in gun battles


Nigeria's mass burial: Violence over farmland worsens

As violence between herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria worsens, the number of victims continues to rise.

Syria's Civil War

Syria: UN concerned as government attacks intensify

The Syrian regime is continuing its attacks on the rebel-held suburbs of Damascus in spite of calls from governments and the UN for the bombardment to stop.