Occupied words: On Israel's colonial narrative

Analysis: Palestinian novelist Susan Abulhawa deconstructs Israel's insidious language of power.


The democratic republic of The People's Teahouse

Many of the most pivotal moments in the Iraqi Kurdish resistance have involved a glass of tea at Chaikhana Shaab.

Middle East

Women of the Intifadas

Three generations of Palestinian women reflect on how female fighters have always been a part of the resistance.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

Disease, discrimination and dignity

An indigenous village exposes the fatal flaws in Mexico's public health policies.

Al Jazeera Correspondent

The sad - and the sadder - me

The story of one woman's struggle with bipolar disorder.


In the trenches of Eastern Ukraine

With the volunteers fighting a strange war of attrition.


The girl on the postcard

Long-necked Ma Da's image travels all over the world – while she lives as a refugee on the Thai-Myanmar border.


Palestinians tackle the trauma of imprisonment

Long after they are released, Palestinians struggle to break free from the trauma of serving time in Israeli prisons.


Armed with a camera: Confessions of a war photographer

From Rwanda to the former Yugoslavia, photojournalist Jack Picone shares his most disturbing memories of war.

Syrian Refugees

Photos: Syrian refugees on the way to Europe

Refugees search for safe passage to Greece.


Cancer in a time of crisis

The story of a Venezuelan man's fight against cancer in a country lacking some of the most basic medical supplies.


A refugee tale: Memoirs of a European refugee

Eki Rrahmani fled Kosovo in an oil tanker, but what will become of this century's refugees, he asks.


Ukraine's other Russians

Meet the Russians fighting for Ukraine.


Should New Orleans remove its statue of Robert E Lee?

Residents of the city are debating the future of Confederate monuments and reaching vastly different conclusions.


A confessional on wheels: A day in a Mexican taxi

Bank robbers, would-be murderers and delusional drug addicts – a day in the life of a Mexican taxi.