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Attacking asthma

How a revolutionary new treatment is helping those with severe asthma.

Border Prosthetics

Helping amputees with specially made prosthetics on the Myanmar-Thailand border.

Mission Malaria

A new life-saving drug is injecting hope into the fight against severe malaria in Nigeria.

Blood: a primer

In this animation, we delve into the different functions and components of blood.

Simple Skin Grafting

A quick and painless skin harvesting technique is healing severe skin wounds.

Bionic Eye

How the world's first 'bionic eye' is giving artificial sight to blind people.

Zebrafish: a primer

How Danio rerio has become an invaluable aid in the study of human disease.

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It's a man's world

Can perpetrators of violence against women play a role in preventing it and to what extent can early intervention help?

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Empire - The US & Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

The US and Cuba: Obsession

After decades of tension and hostility between the two nations, has change finally come to US-Cuba relations?