Alicia's challenge
What are the tensions and real-life dramas facing the actors, writers and producers of a successful Mexican soap opera?
19 Nov 2013 14:41 GMT
Gael Garcia Bernal: 'Being optimistic'
One woman recalls desperate years of violent abuse and then witnesses how her life is turned into a telenovela.
Taking on the challenge to educate Mexico's rural and poor indigenous population using a popular soap opera.
How to keep a telenovela profitable and demanding sponsors happy while inspiring the production team to stay passionate.
Can soap operas help tackle stigma and discrimination related to HIV/AIDS in Mexico?
Drugs and gangs, the Mexico portrayed most often in the media, makes it into the popular soap's story lines too.
As the soap's team celebrates its success and survival, it also finds a new target audience, men who need to change.
A look at how the country's domestic abuse problem is contributing to a high number of female rapes and murders.
Filmmaker Josue Andavert says Soapbox Mexico shows how important melodramas can be in shaping the reality of a nation.

About Soapbox Mexico

Soapbox Mexico is a seven-part series that takes viewers behind the scenes of one of Mexico's longest running and most popular telenovelas, What Women Don't Say (Lo que Callamos Las Mujeres). Reaching 800 million potential viewers in 34 countries, What Women Don't Say tackles various issues still taboo for many Mexicans, including domestic violence, sexual abuse and mental illness by depicting the reality of women's rights through melodrama.

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