Orphans of the Sahara: Return
With the fall of Gaddafi, thousands of Tuaregs return to Mali and Niger and launch their fight for an independent state.
09 Jan 2014 19:58 GMT
Songs of exile and resistance
'Orphans of the Sahara' - Behind the name
Terakaft: 'Revolutionary music'
Part two of this series explores northern Mali in 2012 as it falls to Tuareg separatists and their al-Qaeda rivals.
Part three explores the astonishing wealth that lies beneath the Tuareg's ancestral land.
In Depth
The filmmaker gives an insight into the Tuareg struggle and shares the story behind the title of the trilogy.
Through their music and poetry, the Tuareg share their inner-battles and wider struggles with the world.
Al Jazeera chronicles the Tuareg struggle for an independent homeland.
They are at the centre of the storm in Mali, but within this diverse group every shade of opinion can be found.

About the series

Orphans of the Sahara is a three-part documentary series about the Tuareg people of the Sahara desert. It follows Tuaregs who fought for Muammar Gaddafi in Libya as they return home to crushing poverty in Mali and Niger, then as they launch a rebellion for an independent country in the Sahara, and as their dreams are crushed, first by al-Qaeda, then by French military intervention.

Interactive: Who are the Tuareg?
Songs of the Sahara
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