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Oil and Gas: At what price?

Regional power shifts and how they affect the supplies of gas and oil central to 21st Century life.

Last updated: 20 Mar 2014 18:57
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It keeps the lights on, our transport systems running and businesses on track - without it modern life would simply not function.

Energy is at the centre of our lives and - as recent events have shown a key influence in the cause and consequences of conflicts around the globe.

Unrest in Ukraine has highlighted Europe's reliance on Russia for its energy supplies. And it is not alone.

Libya, Iraq, scratch beneath the surface and energy will play some, if not the major role in the approach, negotiation and final outcome of a conflict.

So how has the once tightly controlled energy industry become such a bargaining chip? 

Presenter: Mike Hanna

Guests: Dr Mamdiuh Salameh, CEO MRL Corporation. International Oil Economist

Cornelia Meyer, Independent energy analyst and economist.

Ben Van Heuvelen, Managing Editor Iraq Oil Report.


Al Jazeera
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