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Zimbabwe: Stealing Lives

Exposing the trade in stolen drugs that is costing the lives of tens of thousands of HIV/AIDS sufferers in Zimbabwe.

|   Health, Africa, Zimbabwe


Liberia: Living with Ebola

Suspicion, anger and fear – an insight into the harsh reality of life at the epicentre of the Ebola crisis.

Nigeria's Fake Doctors

Two journalists go undercover to delve into the disturbing world of West Africa's quack doctors.

Uganda: Temples of Injustice

Africa Investigates goes undercover to expose corruption at the heart of Uganda's judicial system.

Ghana: Food for Thought

An undercover investigation into the disturbing theft and black market sale of international food aid in Ghana.

Spell of the Albino

Investigating the sinister trade in the body parts of murdered albinos in Tanzania.

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A Goat for a Vote

Three Kenyan high school students campaign to become school president using music, sweets and a goat to attract votes.


Life in San Salvador

The capital of El Salvador is being torn apart as gangs clash, leaving death, chaos and destruction in their wake.

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