Zoe Hu


The history of Hezbollah, from Israel to Syria

Despite faltering popularity abroad, Hezbollah enjoys extensive political power at home in Lebanon.


COP 22: 'Turn the promise of Paris into action'

The ultimate aim of COP 22 will be to build on the scaffolding put in place by Paris's climate talks in 2015.

Bashar al-Assad

Why Bashar al-Assad is still in power

Rhetorical bait and switch enabled Assad to neglect political reform while cultivating support among wealthy elite.

Business & Economy

Q&A: China's yuan and a potential global currency war

Rajiv Biswas, Asia-Pacific chief economist at IHS, discusses how the yuan's depreciation will affect global markets.

War & Conflict

Report: Civilian deaths rise in Sudan's South Kordofan

Report by Amnesty International "definitively confirms" war crimes by government forces against civilian populations.

Human Rights

Hong Kong 'breast walk' held over court ruling

Protesters, including men wearing rainbow bras, decry jailing of woman for bumping her chest against a policeman's arm.


Egypt 'anti-terrorism' bill provokes criticism

A draft "anti-terrorism" law in Egypt has raised concerns over privacy and human rights in the country.


Meet the men behind Iran's nuclear deal

A profile of the Iranian politicians at the forefront of the nuclear deal, and the stances they adopted over time.


Report: Gaza health sector critically ill after war

Gaza's health services were repeatedly targeted during 50-day war in 2014, according to Palestinian rights groups.

Human Rights

Report: Egypt increasingly cracking down on its youth

Egypt's youth and activists are being subjected to a number of repressive measures, according to Amnesty International.

War & Conflict

Q&A: Painting tribute to the victims of Yemen's war

In Yemen, Murad Subay's bold murals commemorate the human cost of war.

Human Rights

Another shore: Morocco's child migrants

When there is no school or work, migration presents a literal way out, even for the country's children.