Zineb Abdessadok


Gulf crisis derails hajj plans for Qataris

Trips have been cancelled amid restrictions on flights and a reluctance of Saudi companies to work with Qatari firms.

Syria's Civil War

Iftar for the homesick: Remembering Ramadan in Raqqa

Huriya Um Salem tries to keep her memories of Ramadan in Raqqa alive by hosting iftars for Syrians living in Doha.


A recollection of Yemen's Ramadan spirit

The now besieged Yemeni city of Taiz once bustled with joyful vibes and plenty of food during the holy month.

Khalifa Haftar

Libya Today: From Arab Spring to failed state

Briefly after the revolution, Libya experienced a period of calm before it was plunged yet again into another conflict.

Ramadan 2017

How the war changed Ramadan in Baghdad

Mohamed al-Azawi and his wife describe how Ramadan traditions have been affected by the ongoing conflict in Iraq.

Human Rights

May Day rallies for Muslim women's labour rights

On International Workers' Day, marchers in Sweden take to streets to back Muslim women's right to wear hijabs at work.


Libya: Will losing oil ports end Haftar's power?

Losing the oil ports could be an attempt to weaken Haftar, and force him to meet political rivals, analysts say.

Arts & Culture

Film recreates notorious Israeli detention centre

Raed Andoni's Ghost Hunting explores trauma of former Palestinian prisoners as they rebuild their interrogation cell.

Syria's Civil War

The transience of memory in times of war

From Lebanon to Syria, Niam Itani's documentary Twice Upon A Time explores war through the eyes of a child.

Humanitarian crises

Report: 2015 was deadliest for environmental activism

At least 185 activists killed worldwide, making it the highest recorded death toll, UK watchdog says in its report.


Bangladesh's soft targets

Bloggers, activists, foreigners and minorities have died in a wave of violence. These are the attacks since 2015.

Muhammad Ali

Did head trauma give Muhammad Ali Parkinson's disease?

Experts debate whether head injuries the boxing legend sustained could have caused his Parkinson's disease.