Yaara Bou Melhem

Asia Pacific

New research to aid walking on Mars

Researchers in Australia are working with NASA so that space pioneers can take their first steps on Mars.

United States

US vice president wraps up his Asia-Pacific tour

Mike Pence is in Australia on the last leg of his Asia-Pacific tour. The US vice president says he is confident China can help bring about a nuclear-free North Korea through peaceful means. Al Jazeera's Yaara Bou Melhem reports from Sydney.

Asia Pacific

The refugee who self-harmed to stop his forced deportation

The number of forced deportations from the island nation of Papua New Guinea is increasing. The country houses an offshore prison for asylum seekers trying to reach Australia.

South Korea

South Korea: Former president Park Geun-hye detained

South Korea's former president Park Geun-hye has been transferred to a detention centre. Park faces accusations of bribery and abuse of power. Al Jazeera’s Yaara Bou Melhem reports from Seoul.

Asia Pacific

South Korea: Relatives of Sewol ferry victims seek answers

Salvage crews have found human remains on board the Sewol ferry in South Korea. A memorial service has been held for the families of nine people still missing after it sunk almost three years ago.

Arts & Culture

Enterprise draws on art to help Australia's Aboriginals

Social enterprise in Sydney capitalises on demand for indigenous art to provide employment to community youth.


What is killing India's babies?

A recent study suggests that 58,000 babies die in India each year from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, or superbugs.


Outsourcing refugees: 'How will I survive' in Cambodia?

Why Australia's controversial refugee resettlement deal with one of the world's poorest countries is 'a failure'.